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Planetary gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes from FAULHABER - robust and precise

Thanks to their robust construction, FAULHABER metal planetary gearboxes in combination with FAULHABER DC-motors are ideal for applications which demand the highest torque.

But FAULHABER also offers the right products for moderate output torques – the plastic planetary gearboxes. These are characterised by their exceptional material combination and an optimum price-performance ratio.

Because planetary gearboxes are especially efficient, they are suitable for continuous, intermittent and alternating operation as well as for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. Their use results in an increased performance of the entire drive train since the choice of the right gearbox allows for a smaller motor and thereby increases the economic efficiency of the entire drive train.

Selection of FAULHABER Planetary Gearheads portfolio
Key Features
3.4 mm
Reduction ratio:
3 ... 23014
Continuous torque:
0.28 ... 1000 mNm
Available in all plastic or metal versions
Use of high performance plastic and ceramic materials
Available with a variety of shaft bearings including sintered, ceramic, and ball bearings
Modified versions for extended temperature and special environmental conditions are available
Custom modifications available

Planetary gearboxes from FAULHABER

Metal planetary gearbox

FAULHABER metal planetary gearboxes are designed for robustness to sustain intermittent or sudden load changes. Depending on the diameter size, these gearboxes can sustain an input speed of up to 20,000 min-1 or an output torque of up to 25 Nm when operating in intermittent cycles. Due to their low backlash characteristic and the resulting high accuracy, the metal planetary gearboxes are also ideally suited for precise positioning applications.

The planetary gearboxes can be combined with an extensive line of DC or brushless motors and also offer a number of shaft configurations for further customisation. They are ideal for different types of robots – inspection, assembly, rehabilitation or exoskeletons – as well as for production and laboratory automation, for packaging machines, measurement and testing equipment or for semiconductor handling.

Plastic planetary gearbox

For moderate output torques, plastic FAULHABER planetary gearboxes offer the best price-performance ratio with their exceptional material combination.

To reduce the noise level at higher speeds, the gears of the input stage are constructed of plastic. For the highest torques, vacuum applications or high temperatures, the input stage is available in steel. Furthermore, modfied lubrication aids with difficult operating conditions.

FAULHABER plastic planetary gearheads are also ideal for drives where the power-to-weight ratio plays a role. The assembly "gearbox/motor" is very easy via a gearbox flange which can be screwed on at the front side.

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