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Geared linear actuators

FAULHABER L geared linear actuators: power plus precision

Thanks to the gearhead reduction, geared linear actuators are able to take in high input speeds and deliver correspondingly high output forces. This allows an increase in the torque of the drive as well as in positioning accuracy. If both are necessary for the linear movement, this product combination provides the perfect solution.

Geared Linear Actuators L series 6L-10L-22L selection
Key Features
Linear Actuators Diameter:
6 ... 32 mm
Continuous axial force, avg.:
3 ... 1920 N
Reduction ratio:
1 ... 1294
High performances
Very robust design
Large and modifiable selection of screw and nut types
Full reduction ratio range
Wide portfolio of combinable motors

What is a geared linear actuator?

A geared linear actuator is a combination of rotating motor and spindle gear (gearhead with integrated threaded rod and nut).

How are geared linear actuators designed?

For this product category, FAULHABER uses only planetary gearheads. The gearhead and the integrated threaded rod with matching nut or recirculating ball nut form a unit that is also referred to as a geared linear actuator. This component can be combined with various brushless or brushed DC-motors as well as with stepper motors of appropriate diameter.

How do geared linear actuators work?

Like any gearhead, the geared linear actuator receives the movement of the motor shaft and transfers it with its specific reduction ratio to the output shaft. The threaded rod is permanently attached to this shaft. As it rotates, the nut is set in linear motion, which is transferred to the application.

Criteria for the selection of geared linear actuators

The key selection criteria depend on the requirements of the application:

  • Axial force
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Service life

Axial force and speed are determined by the motor/gearhead combination as well as the reduction ratio. The available reduction ratios range from 1:1 to 1294:1. The precision and service life of the geared linear actuator primarily depend on the design of the threaded rod and nut. FAULHABER offers highly robust combinations of threaded lead screw with metric thread (ML, DIN 13) and trapezoidal thread (TL, DIN 103) and nut.

Compared to the threaded lead screws, the ball screws with recirculating ball nuts achieve greater precision with minimized wear. They are available in the standard version (SB) and in a version with enhanced accuracy (PB). They comply with DIN ISO 3408 and achieve the accuracy classes 3 and 1.

The components of the geared linear actuator (gearhead, lead screw, nut) are available as series products in many different variants. This results in a wide variety of product configurations.

If you enter the required parameters in the FAULHABER Drive Calculator, you are presented with a selection of series-produced geared linear actuators and motors that are tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, FAULHABER also offers customized linear actuators.

The family of FAULHABER geared linear actuators

Geared Linear Actuators L series selection

6-10 millimeters – SL and HL

The small linear actuators (6, 8 and 10 mm diameter) are equipped with planetary gearheads and threaded lead screws with nut. The SL version is intended for standard loads and the HL version is suitable for particularly high loads. Both variants are available with a wide range of reduction ratios. They are complemented by a large and modifiable selection of lead screw and nut types.

22 and 32 millimeters – ML, TL, SB and PB

The large linear actuators with 22 or 32 mm diameter are based on the high-performance gearheads of the GPT series. They are characterized by a very high continuous axial force of up to 1920 N. Here too there is a broad range of reduction ratios. The combination of lead screw and nut is available with metric thread (ML) and trapezoidal thread (TL). In the case of the product version with ball screw, you can choose between standard accuracy (SB) and enhanced accuracy (PB). The latter can achieve a maximum accuracy of up to 13 µm.

Geared Linear Actuators L series 22L, 32L selection

Typical applications for geared linear actuators

The small actuators are used primarily in optical applications. The larger geared linear actuators are used in all areas where linear movement with high torque and/or high precision is required. The applications range from factory automation, robotics, laboratory and medical technology to aerospace.

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