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Industry & Automation

Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line. However, when he integrated it in his automobile factory January 1914, he changed the industrial production forever. An industrial world without automation is more than a century later totally inconceivable. Process safety, reliability and economic efficiency are on the forefront when it comes to the application of such systems in modern production lines. The industrial-grade drive components from FAULHABER convince with their high endurance and performance in a robust and compact design.

The industrial world is constantly evolving. The assembly line, using conveyor belts, made mass production at small costs possible. The introduction of computers and machines into serial production and the globalization was the next evolution, enabling the just-in-time or just-in-sequence production. The latest revolution is Industry 4.0. It has enormous effects on the world of production. In future factories, IT and manufacturing will be one. Machines coordinate themselves with each other, saving time and resources, allowing individual products even in small batches. In a successful Industry 4.0 application, various drives, actuators and sensors are integrated in automated manufacturing applications. The connection of these components and the commissioning of the systems must take place simply and quickly. Whether for positioning tasks, for example in SMT assembly machines, electrical grippers substituting conventional pneumatic systems or conveyor systems, our drive systems are always a perfect fit for your application. In combination with our high performance controllers, everything can be configured conveniently and integrated easily and securely using standardized interfaces such as CANopen or EtherCAT. FAULHABER is your ideal partner for any automation solution, offering the most extensive range of miniature and micro drive systems available from a single source worldwide. Our drive solutions are unique with respect to their precision and reliability in the smallest of spaces.

Highest precision and reliability
High dynamic positioning
Small size and low weight
Long operational lifetimes
Various industry standard interfaces
Smart  robots IPR Eppingen - Flat motor BXT header
Brushless DC-Motors
Industry & Automation
Those who adapt the fastest win

In industry and logistics, robots generally handle monotonous tasks that they can repeat almost endlessly with steady precision. A new type of tool changer now turns the specialist for large series into a flexible all-rounder, with which even small series and individual pieces can be produced…

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