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Direct Drive Linear Actuators

Lead Screws and Options

Stepper motors can be used for more than just a rotation. When combined with lead screws, they provide a high accuracy linear positioning system that provides the benefits of a stepper (open loop control, long life, high torque density, etc.).


The lead screws available on stepper motors are all based on metric dimensions (M1.2 up to M3) and specifically designed to be assembled with PRECIstep® stepper motors. The technique used to produce the thread ensures a very high precision and consistency of quality. A large choice of standard lengths is available from stock and customization is possible on request.

Such a combination is ideal for any application such as requiring accurate linear movement or lens adjustment (zoom, focus), microscope stages or medical syringes.

Selection of FAULHABER Linear Components portfolio
Key Features
1.2 ... 3 mm
Cost effective positioning drive without encoder
High accuracy
Wide range of lead screws available
Short lead time for standard length
Flexibility offered by optional nuts and ball bearings
Custom length on request

Direct Drive Linear Actuators from FAULHABER

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