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Motors with integrated Electronics

FAULHABER offers a broad selection of motors with integrated electronics. Our Speed Control Systems are suitable for drive systems with speed control, and our Motion Control Systems are the ideal solution for precise rotational speed control or positioning tasks. All in all, our range of motors with integrated electronics includes motors for an extremely wide variety of application scenarios in the smallest of spaces.

Selection of FAULHABER Brushless DC-Motors with integrated Electronics  portfolio
Integrated drive electronics
Compact design
Very robust construction
Easy to use
Integrated current limiting
Control parameters can be tuned to the application

Speed Control Systems

FAULHABER Speed Control Systems are highly dynamic drive systems with controlled speed. The drive electronics are already integrated and matched to the respective motor.

The compact integration of the Speed Controller as well as the flexible connection possibilities open a wide range of applications in areas such as laboratory technology and equipment manufacturing, automation technology, pick-and-place machines and machine tools, or pumps.

FAULHABER motor with integrated electronics – Flexible & efficient

The integration of the electronics in space-optimised add-on systems reduces space requirements and simplifies installation and start-up. The electronics integrated in the motor facilitate rotational speed control by means of a PI controller with external set-point specification. The direction of rotation can be changed via a separate switching input; the speed signal can be read out via the frequency output. FAULHABER motors with integrated electronics can therefore also be operated either as voltage controllers or in fixed speed mode.

Speed Control Systems can be adapted to the application via the FAULHABER Motion Manager software. In the case of these motors with integrated electronics, the type and scaling of the set-point specification, the operating mode as well as the controller parameters can be adjusted. The USB programming adapter for Speed Controllers is used for configuration.

Motion Control Systems

Another important element of FAULHABER motors with integrated electronics are the space-optimised FAULHABER Motion Control Systems. These systems are available in various series. They can be put into operation easily and quickly via Motion Manager, which is available for download at no charge.

A new generation of integrated Motion Controllers for applications that go beyond the features and performance offered by the V2.5 series.

  • More power
  • Faster control
  • New operating modes
  • Flexible use of the I/Os for setpoints and actual values
  • Additional I/Os and interfaces
  • Sequential programs can be programmed in BASIC for simple, local automation in all interface technologies
  • Expanded diagnostic functions
  • Simple start-up via Motion Manager beginning with version 6.0

FAULHABER Motion Control Systems of generation V3.0 are highly dynamic positioning systems. The motor parameters are preconfigured ex works. Adaptation to the application is performed during commissioning using the FAULHABER Motion Manager in version 6.0 and higher. In addition to use as a servo drive with controlled position, the speed or current can also be controlled on motors with integrated electronics. Limit switches and reference switches can be directly connected. The control setpoints can be preset via the communication interface, via the analog input or a PWM input or can come from internally stored sequential programs.

Supported as communication interfaces are – depending on the device – RS232, CANopen or EtherCAT. All functions of the drive are available here via all interfaces.

The possible applications of these motors with integrated electronics are diverse: from laboratory automation to industrial equipment manufacturing, automation technology and robotics to aerospace. The electrical connection of the systems is established via M12 plugs. The flange profile is identical for all sizes.

System description

Our motors with integrated electronics from the Motion Control Systems segment feature multiple elements: the drive systems combine a brushless DC-servomotor, a high-resolution actual value encoder and a motion controller in one compact, complete drive unit. For highly dynamic servo applications requiring very high torque in the most compact dimensions, the integrated 4-pole, DC-servomotors are ideal.

Motors with integrated Electronics from FAULHABER

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Laboratory Automation
Motors with integrated Electronics
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