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DC motors from FAULHABER – cogging-free operation

Coreless DC motors from FAULHABER differ from conventional DC motors with iron armatures primarily due to their ironless, self-supporting copper coil with skew-wound design. Thanks to this design, the drives convince with extremely low rotor inertia, unique dynamics and without cogging, precise running. The self-supporting, ironless rotor coil with a skew-wound design – developed by the company’s founder Dr. Fritz Faulhaber senior – is the central element of every FAULHABER DC motor.

Selection of FAULHABER DC-Micromotors portfolio
No cogging
Smooth position and speed control
High efficiency
Low Noise
High Torque
Low Weight
Very low rotor inertia
Dynamic start-stop operation

DC Motors from FAULHABER

Widely used & often recommended

A FAULHABER DC motor is much more than a classic DC motor. The revolutionary technology with its dynamic performance in an extremely compact and extremely low-weight form, its precision and reliability has opened up new avenues for a wide variety of application areas. From medical applications to aerospace and even industry automation and robotics, manufacturers in a wide range of industries rely on FAULHABER coreless DC motors.

Commutations for FAULHABER DC motors

FAULHABER DC motors are available with two different commutation systems: precious metal commutation and graphite commutation. The term “precious metal commutation” refers to the materials, consisting of high-performance precious metal alloys, which are used in the brushes and commutator. We use this commutation system for our DC motors mainly on account of its compact size, the extremely low contact resistance and the precise commutation signal. It is particularly suitable for applications with low current load, e.g. battery-powered devices. Generally, the optimum operating point of precious-metal commutated motors in the case of continuous operation under load is at or close to the point of maximum efficiency of the motor.

The term “graphite commutation” refers to the brush material used in our DC motors in combination with a commutator made of a copper alloy. This commutation system is extremely robust and is better suited to dynamic high-performance applications with fast start/stop operation or periodic overload conditions.

DC motors to your exact specifications

FAULHABER offers the industry’s largest selection of complementary products tailor-made for all of its coreless DC motors. Among other things, we offer coreless DC motors with precision gearheads, high-resolution encoders and high-performance drive electronics. Use our Drive Calculator to assure yourself of the extensive selection and find the DC motor that is perfectly matched to your requirements.

At FAULHABER we have specialised in individually tailoring our coreless DC motors to the requirements of our customers. The following standard options are available for FAULHABER DC motors

  • Additional voltage types
  • Connecting cables (PTFE and PVC) and connectors
  • Configurable shaft length and second shaft end
  • Modified shaft dimensions and pinion configurations such as flats, gears, pulleys and eccenters
  • Extended temperature range
  • Vacuum compatibility (e.g., 10-5 Pa)
  • Modifications for high speed and / or high load applications
  • Modifications for motors with increased electrical or mechanical tolerance requirements

Let us guide you to your perfect drive solution.

Just fill out the form and click on “Start Drive Calculator”

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