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DC motor controllers from FAULHABER

In most cases, an electronic controller is needed to operate a micromotor. It allows the drive power to be precisely controlled, as it is required by the application. DC motor controllers from FAULHABER ensure especially efficient operation as well as high precision when implementing the specified values, such as speed and position. They are available as speed controllers, motion controllers and stepper controllers. Their function is optimized for combination with FAULHABER motors.

Selection of FAULHABER DC motor controller portfolio
Compact design
Minimal wiring requirements
Wide range of accessories
Parametrization with "FAULHABER Motion Manager" software

What is a DC motor controller needed for?

Precise control

The electronic controller enables the precise control of speed and torque. A feedback channel supplies signals from the application for this purpose, thereby allowing the current behavior of the application to be incorporated in addition to the set-points. The DC motor controller also protects the motor and the electronics from excessive loading and reaching temperatures that are too high. Brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) can, in any case, only be operated with a controller as this is needed for generating the rotating field. Here, it controls the sequence of the phase-shifted alternating fields that put the rotor into motion.


DC motors can, in principle, also be operated without a controller. Their speed can be controlled simply by changing the voltage – the higher the voltage, the faster the speed. In partial-load operation, this type of control is, however, very inefficient and causes high losses. Such losses can be eliminated by a DC motor controller with pulse width modulation (PWM): The supply voltage that reaches the motor is switched on and off in rapid alternation by the control electronics. The motor power is changed by the variation in the pulse length: the longer the pulse is switched on, the higher the power. Through the PWM actuation of the motor, low-loss and effective operation is achieved.

DC motor controllers for every application

Speed Controllers

Speed controllers can precisely control the motor speed of DC motors and brushless motors from FAULHABER. They are used primarily in applications with speed-controlled operation. With these devices, the type and scaling of the set-point specification, the operating mode as well as the controller parameters can be adjusted.

Motion Controllers

With DC motors, brushless motors and linear motors from FAULHABER, motion controllers can control not only the speed and torque but also the axis position. They work in 4-quadrant operation and can perform precise positioning tasks. Thanks to their built-in interfaces, they can be integrated in networks and connected to a PC as well as to all typical industrial controllers.

Stepper Controllers

The stepper motor controller enables the actuation of most of the stepper motors from FAULHABER. It can work in micro-stepping operation with up to 256 micro-steps per full step and control multiple axes with connected cards. It is intended to be used as an evaluation PCB for development tasks and for simple commissioning.

DC motor calculation with the FAULHABER Drive Calculator - Header

The tool that developers can count on

You are looking for the perfect drive for your application? The FAULHABER Drive Calculator is the perfect tool for developers to find a suitable drive system for a specific application in record time.

Start Drive Calculator

Integrated or external DC motor control?

FAULHABER offers numerous motors with integrated electronics that already include the DC motor controller. This solution makes possible especially compact drive packages for applications that offer only very little installation space. It also reduces the amount of wiring required. The integrated controllers are configured specifically for the respective motors. With respect to heat management, they are, however, subject to physical limits due to the compact design and tight installation conditions.

Where the installation situation permits, the choice of a controller that is decoupled from the motor is the rule. The external controllers from FAULHABER feature the full range of functions and can evaluate the signals from all FAULHABER sensors. They can thereby be very flexibly used in practically every application and enable simple heat management.

Flexible and simple integration

Speed controllers and motion controllers from FAULHABER are available in various sizes. They are delivered with or without housing. For devices with housing, the controller is wired via screw terminals; the unhoused PCB variants can be plugged directly into a master PCB.

The speed controllers and the motion controllers can be quickly and easily configured and operated with the freely available FAULHABER Motion Manager. They offer flexible connection options; an extensive range of accessories simplifies integration in the application here.

Users of the DC motor controllers from FAULHABER receive a complete drive solution from a single source. They benefit from the specialized FAULHABER know-how in this field as well as from the perfect interplay of the controller with the motor.

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