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Historical image of FAULHABER


It all began in 1947 in the fine mechanics workshop of Dr. Fritz Faulhaber. Resulting from his work in the area of camera development in 1958 Dr. Fritz Faulhaber Sr registered the “Elektrischer Kleinstmotor” (electrical micromotor) as patent DE1188709 in Germany. His invention was a milestone in precision mechanics, and paved the way for new areas of application for small electric motors. Since then it has become an essential component in many of today’s cutting edge applications. Developing outstanding technical solutions is in the DNA of the FAULHABER GROUP and has always been a key factor in its expansion and acquisition strategy. In the past decades the FAULHABER GROUP has diversified and acquired companies in key areas of high precision miniature and micro technology. Today, its four business divisions the group today hold more than over 50 patents worldwide.

»Our philosophy is to always keep our nose ahead of the rest technologically but this nose should not be a meter long.«

Dr. Fritz Faulhaber jun.

Historical image of FAULHABER


1947 Founding of Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH near Stuttgart

1958 Patent registration (DE1188709) for the „Elektrischen Kleinstmotor“ (electronical minimotor) a milestone in precision mechanics

1961 Founding of MicroMo Electronics Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio

1962 Founding of Minimotor SA in Agno, Switzerland

1999 Acquisition of Feintechnik Bertsch GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

2000 Acquisition of Precistep SA, La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland

2003 Founding of MPS Micro Precision Systems AG

2004 Founding of FAULHABER Motors Hungaria

2005 Founding of FAULHABER Motors Romania

2006 Founding of FAULHABER Singapore Pte. Ltd.

2007 SAS Acquisition of Rolla Microgear AG, Grenchen, Switzerland

2008 Acquisiton of Minimotor SA – renamed as FAULHABER Minimotor SA Acquisition of MPS Décolletage SA

2009 Establishment of FAULHABER France

2010 Founding of FAULHABER Drive System Technology Co. Ltd. Taicang, China

2014 Acquisition of PDT Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH

2015 Founding of FAULHABER Benelux, Eindhoven, Netherlands

2016 Founding of FAULHABER Polska sp.z o.o, Poznań, Polska

2017 Founding of FAULHABER Austria GmbH, Wien, Austria

2017 Founding of FAULHABER Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Penang, Malaysia

2019 Founding of FAULHABER Italia S.r.l., Lomazzo CO, Italy

2019 FAULHABER Singapore Pte Ltd renamed to FAULHABER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

2019 Acquisition and integration of MicroMo Electronics inc. as FAULHABER MICROMO LLC

2023 Merger of the four Swiss subsidiaries to form FAULHABER SA

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