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Brushless DC-Servomotor in micro sensor screwdriver systems

Motorized handheld devices

The curved line must be positioned correctly on the first attempt – when tattooing, there's no eraser and no second go. Thanks to the low-vibration motor from FAULHABER, the tattoo machine lies completely still in the hand and can be guided precisely. Just as precise is the tightening of micro screws by the motorized screwdriver with an accurately measured torque. With other devices such as secateurs or pruning shears, the FAULHABER drives provide the necessary power over many hours at an extremely low volume.

No robot is anywhere near as versatile and flexible as the human hand. The same can be said of its "control" by the brain and consciousness. When it comes to the versatility of its possible applications, this combination is simply unbeatable. However, there are many activities where the hand needs assistance. This becomes obvious if you try to put together a large item of furniture using dozens of screws without an electric screwdriver. Motorized handheld devices are intended to help rather than hinder. This means: The lowest possible weight, the smallest possible dimensions, minimal vibrations and smooth, quiet operation. Certain applications may require significant power or power that is very precisely applied. Electric screwdrivers and electric pruning shears must deliver maximum power from the moment they are switched on and then stop moving again immediately when switched off. The needles of the tattoo machine are often in consistent use for hours at a time. But it is of course important that the handpiece does not heat up.

FAULHABER offers the optimal drive solution for all types of handheld devices. Their fundamental strength is convincing in every respect: The micromotors from FAULHABER achieve the highest performance values with the smallest volumes and a minimal mass. The extensive accessory portfolio of gearheads, brakes, controllers, encoders and mechanical connectors contains the appropriate combination for every application.

Highest precision and reliability
Low weight
Extremely long operational lifetimes
Low vibration and low noise
Brushless DC-Servomotor in micro sensor screwdriver systems
Brushless DC-Motors
Handtools / Devices
Sensor screwdriver with a delicate touch

Every handyman intuitively knows how to tighten a screw: according to feel. In the hobby room, this is generally sufficient for achieving the correct amount of tightening torque. In industrial production, on the other hand, the demand for secure screw fixing is much greater because the intention is…

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