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Robots are nowadays almost omnipresent, they explore other planets, produce car parts, operate patients, transport goods, work in hazardous environments or even support the agriculture industry by removing weed or harvesting ripe fruits autonomously. There is hardly any field in industrial as well as domestic sectors, that is not relying on robots and FAULHABER drive systems are used when the requirements for these drives and robotic applications are tough.

Nowadays, shopping the latest trends in fashion or technology is just a click away. As soon as an order is placed, robots take over, picking items, transporting goods, preparing shipping. Speed, reliability and high torques in a small size are the reasons, why FAULHABER drive systems are the first choice for robotic applications in logistics. Inspection robots, similar to logistics, often work without us noticing. Modern day sewer inspection and renovation is preferably done through trenchless repair so the floating traffic is not hindered. Inspection robots, driven by FAULHABER, are getting the job done as they are able to cope even with harsh underground conditions. The FAULHABER graphite commutated CR series as well as the brushless flat series BXT in combination with our GPT planetary gearheads are ideally suited for robotic applications in these challenging environments as they are robust, powerful but also very compact in size. Their robustness is also a key factor to their success in remote controlled robots as well. Usually deployed in situations such as searching for survivors in a collapsed building, checking potentially dangerous items, during hostage situations or other law enforcement measures, our drives ensure the successful mission, drastically reducing the risk to the human beings involved in such activities thanks to the very precise control and high reliability.

The FAULHABER portfolio of high precision industrial grade drives, gearheads, encoders, speed or motion controllers is your best choice for these and a wide variety of other, often challenging robotic applications. They can be configured conveniently, integrated easily and securely using standardized interfaces, convincing with their compact size, high endurance and high performance.

High precision
Long service life and reliability
Low maintenance requirements
Minimal installation space
Dynamic start/stop operation
FAULHABER brushless motor for autonomous Robot fish underwater application
Brushless DC-Motors
FAULHABER motor contributes to underwater research in robotic fish

Croglio - The students of the Mechanical Engineering program at the ETH in Zurich presented the autonomous underwater robot "Belle" at the Swiss Robotics Day at the beginning of November. The robot, which is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), not only looks like a fish, but also moves like…

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