Absolute encoder

The absolute encoder in combination with the FAULHABER DC-Motors is ideal for commutation, speed and position control.
Absolute means, that each shaft position is assigned to a unique angular value within one revolution.
It can also be used to create a sinusoidal commutation signal.


Encoders of the AESM-4096 series consist of a diametrically magnetized, two-pole sensor magnet which is fastened to the motor shaft. A special angle sensor for detecting the motor shaft position is positioned in an axial direction in relation to the sensor magnet. The angle sensor comprises all necessary functions, such as Hall sensors, an interpolator and driver stages. The analog signal of the sensor magnet detected by the Hall sensors is processed, after appropriate amplifi cation, by a special algorithm to produce a high-resolution encoder signal. At the output there is absolute angle information available with a resolution of 4 096 steps per revolution. This data can be queried by a SSI Interface with BISS-C Protocol. The absolute encoder is ideal for commutation, speed control and position control.

Absolute encoder

Features and benefits

  • Minimal wiring requirement
  • Absolute angle information directly after power-on
  • No referencing necessary
  • Enhanced control characteristics even at low rotational speeds
  • Flexible customisation of resolution and direction of rotation is possible

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