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Brushless DC-Servomotors 2 Pole Technology

The original FAULHABER brushless DC servomotors. These ironless slotless motors are built for use in highly challenging areas of application and environmental conditions from the vacuum of space to medical device technology. They are precise, have extremely long operational lifetimes, and are highly reliable. They are available with a wide variety of complementary products such as high resolution encoders and precision gearheads. For maximum integration and reduction of size the standard digital hall sensors in the motors can be replaced with optional analog (linear) hall sensors which can eliminate the need for an encoder in most applications.

FAULHABER B family 3D drawing in open view
Key Features
6 ... 44 mm
18 ... 90 mm
Nominal voltage:
6 ... 48 V
Speed up to:
100000 min⁻¹
Torque up to:
217 mNm
Continuous output up to:
282 W
High density ironless system FAULHABER winding
Digital or analog hall sensors available
Extremely smooth speed control
Sensitive positioning control


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