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DC motors for high-speed diagnostics

Lab Automation

Modern medicine relies on data that is collected by analyzing blood, urine or other bodily fluids. Medical samples can either be sent to large-scale laboratories or – for even faster results – analyzed on-site with a point-of-care (PoC) system. In both scenarios, FAULHABER drives guarantee reliable analyses and ensure a head start in diagnostics.

Compared to a central laboratory automation solution with pre- and post-analyzers, a point of care (PoC) solution is more cost-effective, simpler, considerably faster and still delivers relatively reliable results. There is also very little training required for personnel. Because just one or few samples can be analyzed at a time with PoC, the overall throughput is limited and is considerably lower than what is possible in a large-scale laboratory. When it comes to performing a very large number of standardized tests, such as in the case of a mass test for COVID-19, there is no avoiding largescale, automated laboratories. Laboratory automation is used to perform the operations required for laboratory analyses such as stirring, tempering, dosing, as well as recording and monitoring measured values with minimal human intervention, benefiting from increased productivity, speed and reliability, while at the same time reducing deviations.

FAULHABER drive solutions can be found in several application: XYZ liquid handling, decapping and recapping, pick-and-placing of test tubes, transporting samples, dosing liquids through pipettors, stirring, shaking and mixing using either mechanical or magnetic mixers. Based on a wide range of products in terms of technologies and size, FAULHABER is able to offer the right standard and customized drive solutions for those applications. Our drive systems with integrated encoders are very compact, low weight and inertia. They are capable of highly dynamic start and stop operations, providing at the same time robustness and reliability.

Complete solutions consisting of motor, gearhead, encoder and controller
Compact design and light weight for highly dynamic movements in the machines
Wide range of rotary and linear motors
Automated test system for Cell Analysis with precision
Laboratory Automation
Motors with integrated Electronics
Cell Analysis with precision

Which medication can defeat cancer? What dosage achieves the desired result without side effects? Above what limit does the beneficial medication turn toxic? Today, such questions are answered in test series with cell cultures. They are among the most important methods in medical research. With the…

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