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Spur Gearheads and Spur Gearheads zero backlash

A wide range of high quality spur gearheads are available to compliment FAULHABER DC-Micromotors.

The all metal or plastic input-stage geartrain assures extremely quiet running. The precise construction of the gearhead causes very low current consumption in the motor, giving greater efficiency. The gearhead is sleeve mounted on the motor, providing a seamless in-line fit.

The FAULHABER Spur Gearheads are ideal for high precision, low torque and low noise applications.

Selection of FAULHABER Spur Gearheads portfolio
Key Features
8 mm
Reduction ratio:
3.1 ... 983447
Continuous torque:
6 ... 100 mNm
Available in a wide variety of reduction ratios
Zero backlash versions are available
Available with a variety of shaft bearings including sintered, ceramic, and ball bearings

Spur Gearheads from FAULHABER

FAULHABER offers a special version of a spur gearhead with zero backlash. These gearheads consist of a dual pass spur geartrain with all metal gears. The backlash is reduced to a minimum by counter-rotating the two individual gear passes to each other and locking them in place on the motor pinion gear. They are ideal for positioning applications with a very high resolution and moderate torque. Zero backlash gearheads can only be delivered preloaded from the factory.

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