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Spur Gearheads and Spur Gearheads zero backlash

Spur gearheads from FAULHABER: Efficiency and precision

The spur gearheads from FAULHABER are characterized by high efficiency and extremely quiet running. They therefore provide highly efficient solutions particularly for applications with medium torque and low speeds. The zero-backlash variants of the gearheads operate with maximum precision and enable, for example, the exact positioning of optical components.

Selection of FAULHABER Spur Gearheads portfolio
Key Features
8 mm
Reduction ratio:
3.1 ... 983447
Continuous torque:
6 ... 100 mNm
Available in a wide variety of reduction ratios
Zero backlash versions are available
Available with a variety of shaft bearings including sintered, ceramic, and ball bearings

What is a spur gearhead?

A spur gear is a disk with teeth around its circumference, i.e. a simple gear. Spur gearheads, also called spur gearboxes, achieve the desired reduction through the connection of at least two such gears with different diameter. A small spur gear drives a larger spur gear; the reduction ratio is obtained by dividing the diameters or numbers of teeth. The axes of the spur gears are parallel to each other.

Spur gearheads can have multiple stages. In this case, the axis of the spur gear with the large diameter has a further small gear, the teeth of which engage in those of the next, larger spur gear. To provide a further stage, this gear is fitted again with a small spur gear, and so on. The more stages the gearbox has, the greater the reduction ratio will be.

How do spur gearheads work?

The first spur gear of the gearhead is moved by the output shaft of the motor and is referred to as the motor pinion. It engages in a second spur gear with a larger diameter. As described above, this arrangement is repeated in the case of multi-stage gearheads. The final stage drives the output shaft.

The spur gears each engage in the connected spur gear at only one contact point, which minimizes friction and noise development. The only exception is the motor pinion on a two-train gearhead: The motor pinion is positioned in the middle between two larger spur gears which each form the first stage of a train for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. It therefore has two contact points.

How are FAULHABER spur gearboxes designed?

The output shaft of the matching FAULHABER motor is coupled with the motor pinion of the first stage of the spur gearhead. Up to 13 stages are possible. The spread of available reduction ratios ranges from 3.1:1 to 983,447:1. The gearheads are all-metal constructions that are manufactured with utmost precision. This is the basis for the high level of efficiency and the low power consumption of the motor/gearhead combination. All gearboxes are equally suitable for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

In addition to single-train spur gearheads, FAULHABER also offers zero-backlash two-train versions. With these gearboxes, the backlash is reduced to a minimum because the two gearhead trains are rotated in opposing directions. This is done by means of two slots in the housing which each allow access to one spur gear on each train. The preload achieved in this way is fixed through insertion of the motor pinion. An additional spring is not required. The slots are then sealed.

The preload is adjusted during manufacture at FAULHABER. Thus, zero-backlash gearboxes are only available with motors mounted ex works.

During manufacture, the gearheads are given lifetime lubrication, making relubrication unnecessary. Specific grease types are available for different operating conditions. These also include special lubrication for use under extreme conditions, e.g. with respect to temperature or vacuum.

Spur Gearheads from FAULHABER

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The spur gearheads from FAULHABER

The spur gearheads from FAULHABER are optimized for interaction with micromotors. They are available with outer diameters of 8 to 22 millimeters. For each product, the number of gear stages can be selected from a range of different versions, with at least two and a maximum of thirteen stages. Furthermore, each product group has three main distinguishing features:

Zero-backlash spur gearheads

As described above, the zero-backlash spur gearheads have a two-train design, are preloaded at the factory and are available as finished motor/gearhead combinations.

Spur gearheads with product designation S

In the case of spur gearheads with product designation ending in S (e.g. 16/5 S), all gears are made of steel. They are suitable for higher torques. In the standard version, gears made of brass are also used.

Sintered bearings vs. ball bearings

In addition to sintered bearings, the spur gearboxes are also available with ball bearings. They tolerate higher radial shaft loads.

Criteria for the selection of spur gearboxes

The basic parameters are:

  • Required torque
  • Maximum input speed of the gearhead
  • Operating temperature
  • Size (max. length and diameter)
  • Protection class

In addition to these parameters, several other criteria generally play a role. These include, for example, size and weight, shaft diameter, location and type of mounting points as well as the external conditions of use. External influences resulting from humidity, dust, negative pressure or extreme temperatures may necessitate a certain degree of protection, suitability for use in a vacuum or a corresponding temperature range.

The spur gearheads from FAULHABER are optimized for extremely quiet running as well as high precision. They are particularly well suited to applications where a comparatively low torque is required. Typically, these are space-constrained applications where there is little room for the drive.

In the FAULHABER Drive Calculator you can enter the key requirement parameters. After just a few clicks, you receive concrete product recommendations that are already matched to your application. Furthermore, FAULHABER also offers customized solutions, including the fabrication of application-specific configured drives with appropriately optimized gearheads.

If you want to find out more about how FAULHABER gearheads work, how to calculate reduction ratios or how to select the right gearbox, we recommend our webinar on gearhead technologies!

Typical applications for spur gearboxes

Spur gearheads from FAULHABER are primarily used in applications where installation space is limited and high precision and extremely quiet running are required. Furthermore, their high level of efficiency make them ideal for battery-powered applications. The fields of application range from optics including laser technology, medical technology, factory and laboratory automation, aerospace to measurement and testing technology. Apart from these areas, the spur gearboxes can also be found in, for example, watch winders, ticket machines or label printers.

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