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Linear motors

Linear motors from FAULHABER – Exceptionally powerful

When it comes to executing translational motions as efficiently and flexibly as possible, linear motors are generally used. Unlike rotating motors, linear motors do not produce rotating movements but rather linear movements that move in two directions. In this regard, FAULHABER linear motors open entirely new dimension for linear movements.

Selection of FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors portfolio
Key Features
33 ... 85.5 mm
8 ... 20 mm
Stroke length:
15 ... 220 mm
1.8 ... 3.4 m/s
Continuous force:
1.03 ... 9.2 N
High dynamics
Excellent force to volume ratio
No residual force present
Non-magnetic metal housing
Compact and robust construction
No lubrication required
Simple installation and configuration

Linear DC-Servomotors from FAULHABER

The high-performance and compact linear drives consist of a solid stator housing with a coil assembly and a multi-pole magnetic forcer rod. High-power magnets help the drive achieve its extraordinary force and dynamic speed performance. The drive is typically used in areas with high acceleration, high precision and high repetition frequency. Linear motors are therefore used in many different areas and open entirely new possibilities, such as a revolution for playing the piano or an ultimately precise microscope scanning stage, where a high accuracy can be decisive. The possibilities to use linear motors are almost endless.

Linear motors from FAULHABER

Performance lifetime of a linear motor is mainly influenced by the wear of the sleeve bearings, which depends on operating speed and applied load of the cylinder rod. Below you can find all our linear motors with every relevant technical data.

Perfect position control

FAULHABER technology combines the speed and robustness of a pneumatic system with the flexibility and reliability features of an electro-mechanical linear motor. The innovative design with a 3-phase self-supporting coil and non-magnetic metal housing offers outstanding performance. The absence of residual static force and the excellent relationship between the linear force and current make the linear motors ideal for use in micro-positioning applications. Position control of the linear DC servomotors can easily be realised using the integrated Hall sensors.

Linear motor in mechatronic kit tailor made for laboratory automation
Laboratory Automation
Linear Motors
Intelligent modular system for quick solutions

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories have been under pressure to realize the highest possible levels of automation. This requires a number of new analysis and testing devices, production lines as well as filling and packaging systems, the…

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