Precision Gearheads

Precision Gearheads

FAULHABER developes high performance modular gearheads to complement each of its motor technologies.

From high torque planetary technology in a variety materials, to zero backlash spur gears, FAULHABER has the right solution.


Precision Gearheads

Life performance

The operational lifetime of a reduction gearhead and motor combination is determined by:

  • Input speed
  • Output torque
  • Operating conditions
  • Environment and Integration into other systems

Since a multitude of parameters prevail in any application, it is nearly impossible to state the actual lifetime that can be expected from a specifi c type of gearhead or motorgearhead combination. A number of options to the standard reduction gearheads are available to increase life performance: ball bearings, all metal gears, reinforced lubrication etc.

Bearings – Lubrication

Gearheads are available with a range of bearings to meet various shaft loading requirements: sintered sleeve bearings, ball bearings and ceramic bearings. Where indicated, ball bearings are preloaded with spring washers of limited force to avoid excessive current consumption. A higher axial shaft load or shaft pressfi t force than specified in the data sheets will neutralise the preload on the ball bearings.

The satellite gears in the 38/1-2 Series Planetary Gearheads are individually supported on sintered sleeve bearings. In the 38A and 44/1 Series, the satellite gears are individually supported on needle or ball bearings.

All bearings are lubricated for life. Relubrication is not necessary and not recommended. The use of non-approved lubricants on or around the gearheads or motors can negatively infl uence the function and life expectancy. The standard lubrication of the reduction gears is such as to provide optimum life performance at minimum current consumption at no-load conditions. For extended life performance, all metal gears and heavy duty lubrication are available. Specially lubricated gearheads are available for operation at extended temperature environments and under vacuum.