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Whether in outer space or in civil aviation down here on earth – the components used in these environments are subjected to extremely high mechanical stress but must still operate perfectly. FAULHABER drive solutions function reliably in a vacuum and at extremely low temperatures, or ensure safety and comfort for air travel.

Equipment manufacturers for the aerospace market rely on innovative new materials, processes and parts to master the ever increasing challenges of improving the fuel efficiency, reducing the weight and increasing the robustness of aircraft, while at the same time reducing costs but making no compromises when it comes to compliance with safety regulations and aircraft performance. Once we leave our atmosphere and venture out into outer space, these challenges increase exponentially. From small drive systems for aircraft cabin equipment to specialized micro actuators for optical systems operating in the vast expanse of space – FAULHABER understands the special challenges involved in using drive systems under these particular ambient conditions.

Our high‑precision micro stepper motors with integrated linear components, lightweight and robust DC-motors or brushless DC-motors – all available from a single company in the world's most comprehensive product range – are ideal for use in aerospace applications. Integrated encoders and sensor combinations complete the system and create potential for reducing space and weight. After all, every gram counts and space is limited in the aerospace industry. At the same time, performance is a key requirement. That's why FAULHABER is the right choice.

Robust design
High-torque or high-speed with small size and low weight
Works reliably in vacuum
Reliable at extremely low temperatures
Operate perfectly under high mechanical stress
Compliance with safety regulations
DC-Motors  by Faulhaber for aereospace minilab BAMMsat system in detail
Aerospace & Aviation
DC Motors
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