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Multiple components have to be taken into account when calculating a suitable drive with reliable motor performance and a long service life for a planned application. The FAULHABER Drive Calculator allows you to calculate the correct DC motor in no time. Configure the DC motor system that perfectly matches your project with just a few inputs – and then send a direct inquiry to our sales department.


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What is the FAULHABER Drive Calculator?

The Drive Calculator is a free tool for the calculation of DC motors that can be used right on the FAULHABER website – without obligation and registration. Simply enter a few key data values, such as the torque and speed to find out which drive solutions and individual components from the FAULHABER product range are suitable for your application.

The configurator is intuitively designed and easy to use both with a PC or tablet: Just select the suitable parameters with the filter function and have all matching solutions displayed at the click of a button. If more than one article or product combinations are available for the DC motor calculation according to your specifications, the comparison function enables you to see up to three variants with their extensive product data in the form of a table.

Which factors are taken into account by the Drive Calculator for the DC motor calculation?

In order to offer you the best possible service when calculating the DC motor, we are constantly enhancing our FAULHABER Drive Calculator. In addition to fundamental factors such as the motor category and specific components such as gearheads, linear actuators, or encoders, you can already include factors such as load transmission and operating mode and specify the key values of the planned application as part of the DC motor calculation. Using the thermal calculation, the system also takes into account changes in the electrical properties due to the heating of the motor.

In addition, you can use the Drive Calculator to directly select your favorite products from the FAULHABER portfolio when calculating the DC motor. With just a few clicks, you can find a solution geared to a specific engine series or a specific motor-gearhead combination that meets all the desired performance requirements.

Our expertise for your drive

Do you have questions about DC motor calculation? Or did you already find the right solution for your application using the Drive Calculator and would like to discuss your inquiry with one of our sales engineers? Whatever you need: The FAULHABER team can help you.



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