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The especially user friendly FAULHABER Drive Calculator (FDC) enables you to find exactly the drive systems, consisting of motor, gear and encoder, that suit your projects’ requirements best. The tool also allows a direct inquiry of the recommended drive systems.

Are you in a hurry? Then the FDC is the right choice for you. Just enter a few details such as torque and speed, and it will tell you, which FAULHABER drives will generally fit your application. Using filters, it is possible to further reduce this list with your most important parameters until you have found your perfect drive solution. A comparison function lets you compare up to three products with their extensive product data in tabular form. 

The FDC will be gradually expanded. During the thermal calculation, it already today takes into account, that the heating of the motor might change the electrical properties. Furthermore, it is possible to preselect specific motor series or motor gear combinations, to obtain an ideal solution with the desired parameters. As soon as you have found drive systems that meet your requirements, it is possible to request these within the FDC and a FAULHABER sales engineer will get in touch with you promptly. 


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