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Download technical articles for support documentation and overview information about coreless (brush) DC motor technology. Besides that you can find Engineering documentation resources for FAULHABER stepper motors and how to select stepper motors per application.

Tutorial stepper motors AM3248 group

Some of the recent research activities in the area of electric motor drives for critical applications (such as aerospace and nuclear power plants) are focused on looking at various fault tolerant motor and drive topologies.

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Selection of FAULHABER Stepper Motors portfolio

The lure of Microstepping a two-phase stepper motor is compelling. Visions of Microstepping a 1,8-degree hybrid stepper motor with 256 microsteps per full step flash in your mind.

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Tutorials Faulhaber Stepper open 3D drawing

The use of stepper motors is an excellent choice. However, a key concern is step losses. Step losses can be prevented or corrected in most instances.

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Selection of FAULHABER DC-Micromotors portfolio

When selecting a Coreless Brush DC Motor for an application, or when developing a powered prototype, there are several basic motor physics principles which must be considered to produce a safe, well-functioning, sufficiently-powered precision drive system.

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