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Brushless DC-Servomotors 4 Pole Technology

The four-pole brushless DC-Servomotors of the BP4 series are characterised by their extremely high torques, despite the compact 22 mm and 32 mm diameter design and low weight. At the heart of the motors lies innovative winding technology that not only allows a very high copper content in the stator, but also has a high electrical and geometric winding symmetry.

This minimises losses and maximises efficiency. The BP4 series is overload-resistant and suitable for applications involving high power where the lowest possible total weight and smallest possible installation space are required, and also for dynamic start/stop operation.

FAULHABER BP4 family 3D drawing in open view
Key Features
22 ... 32 mm
64 ... 74 mm
Nominal voltage:
12 ... 48 V
Speed up to:
34500 min⁻¹
Torque up to:
158 mNm
Continuous output up to:
152 W
High-power motors with maximum torque
Continuous output from 133 W to 150 W
Outstanding ratio of torque to weight and size
Very high efficiency of up to 91 %
Fully integrated analogue Hall sensors and matching encoders, gearheads and controllers are available
For dynamic start/stop operation


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