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Flat DC-Micromotors and DC-Gearmotors

Precious-metal commutated DC-Micromotors with uniquely flat coil technology with three flat, self-supporting copper windings used in the SR-Flat series form the basis for drive systems in applications where space is extremely limited.

With their powerful rare-earth magnets, the motors deliver a continuous output of 0.8 W to 4 W and at the same time have only minimal inertia. The motors are available with integrated gearheads and optical encoders – both with an extremely flat design matched to the motors. When combined with integrated gearheads and encoders, they provide a very compact drive system with increased output torque.

FAULHABER SR-flat family 3D drawing in open view
Key Features
15 ... 26 mm
5.5 ... 21.5 mm
Nominal voltage:
3 ... 24 V
Speed up to:
16000 min⁻¹
Torque up to:
100 mNm
Continuous output up to:
4 W
Extremely flat design. Lengths ranging from 6 mm to 19 mm
4-pole design
Minimal moment of inertia
Integrated spur gearheads of minimal length with high gear ratio are available
Available with integrated optical encoders


DC-Motors from FAULHABER are used for camera control, tool functions and the wheel drive
Brushless DC-Motors
DC Motors
Precision Gearheads
Incredibly reliable

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