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Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors and DC-Gearmotors with integrated Speed Controller

The brushless DC-Servomotors with integrated electronics are based on the motors of the B-Flat series. In the case of the B-Flat series, the four-pole brushless DC-Servomotors with their uniquely flat coil technology with three flat, selfsupporting copper windings form the basis for drive systems in applications where installation space is extremely limited.

As an integrated electronic actuation unit, a speed controller is already available for these motors. What makes this speed controller so special is that it is fully integrated on the motor circuit board and does not increase the length of the motor in any way. In combination with the extremely flat, integrated gearheads, these motors provide an extremely compact drive system with increased output torque.

FAULHABER B-flat SC family 3D drawing in open view
Key Features
26 mm
10.4 ... 22 mm
Nominal voltage:
6 ... 12 V
Torque up to:
100 mNm
Continuous output up to:
1.6 W
Extremely flat design. Lengths ranging from 10 mm to 22 mm with speed controller already integrated
4-pole design
Easy to use
Integrated spur gearheads of minimal length with high gear ratio are available
Precise speed control


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