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Compact planetary gearheads with high torque

The GPT gearhead series was developed for especially high torques and has up to six planets per stage. A higher torque is thereby achieved with a shorter overall length; the gearheads offer maximum performance with minimum volume. To reliably ensure the transmission of high forces, the GPT planetary gearheads are always made of metal (hardened stainless steel). The connections are not glued but are instead continuously welded. Optimized coordination of components and high-performance lubricants contribute to further improvements in performance.

FAULHABER GPT family 3D drawing in open view
Key Features
22 ... 42 mm
Reduction ratio:
3 ... 1294
Continuous torque:
0.45 ... 18 Nm
Compact length
High continuous torque
Very robust for intermittent or impulsive cycles
High intermittent speed up to 20,000 min-1
Reduced backlash
Many reduction ratios
Large selection of motor combinations
Many standard options

The GPT planetary gearheads exhibit high torque and enhanced input speed in compact dimensions. Their improved efficiency and numerous reduction ratios uniformly distributed help to exploit the maximum motor power.

Their geartrain is designed for robustness to sustain intermittent or sudden load changes. Depending on the diameter size, these gearheads can sustain input speed up to 20.000 min-1 or output torque up to 25 Nm when operating in intermittent cycles. The GPT product family is also particularly suited for accurate positioning applications granted by a low backlash characteristic.

These gearheads can be combined with an extensive range of DC motors or brushless motors and they come with various shaft configurations to adapt to many applications. They are ideal for different types of robots – inspection, assembly, rehabilitation or exoskeletons – as well as for production and laboratory automation, for packaging machines, measurement and testing equipment or for semiconductor handling.


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