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DC-Motors in laboratory equipment for endodontics root canal treatement

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Visiting the dentist is something most people do not enjoy. The right tools and techniques can make a difference. FAULHABER DC motors are the driving force of dental systems, ensuring that treatments, for example root canal therapy or other procedures can be performed successfully and with minimal discomfort for the patient.

FAULHABER ensures that hand-tools are powerful and lightweight as our motor design allows for maximum power and torque in a highly compact package. Our highly efficient drives are optimized for high speed operations at up to 100.000 rpm whilst their heating-up is very slow, allowing a hand-tool that remains in a comfortable temperature range. That also applies to the tooth substance. During a cavity preparation, our well-balanced motors ensure a smooth running and prevent burr (cutting tool) vibrations. Furthermore, our highly load fluctuation and torque peak resistive DC and brushless motors guarantee the desired constant tool speeds that are necessary for efficient cuts.

Thanks to these characteristics, our drive systems are sought after by manufacturers of dental tools. Our drives and accessories have proven themselves in endodontic hand-tools for root canal treatment by gutta-percha obturation, in straight and contra-angle handpieces for restoration, prosthetics, prophylaxis and oral surgery, in prosthodontic screwdrivers and hand-tools for dental laboratories. If desired, we also offer autoclavable drives, for example the brushless DC-Servomotors of the Series 2057…BA.

To prepare such procedures, contemporary (CAD/CAM) dentistry relies on 3D digital models obtained through intraoral scans of a patient’s teeth and gingival tissue. The scanners are handheld, the faster a scanner works, the smaller is the timeframe for human errors to occur. This application calls for drive technologies providing highest speed and dynamics in the smallest size possible. Of course, as in all dental applications, extreme low noise emission is also a must.

That is why manufacturers choose FAULHABER. Our drive solutions are unique with respect to their precision and reliability in the smallest of spaces. Our extensive range of miniature and micro drive systems meets your requirements perfectly, thanks to our flexible modification and adaption options.

DC-Motors in laboratory equipment for endodontics root canal treatement
Highest precision and reliability
Low weight
Extremely long operational lifetimes
Low vibration and low noise
DC-Motors in laboratory equipment for endodontics root canal treatement
DC Motors
Precision Gearheads
Spur Gearheads
Root Canal Treatement without Stress

Endodontics or endodontology is a specialist area of dentistry. The most common procedure is the root canal treatment that a tooth receives in the case of inflamed pulp (also known as the "dental nerve"). Many of you will have experienced this procedure at first hand: The dentist removes the…

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