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Brushless motor for medical surgical precision

Surgical Tools

Although robotics are also becoming more important in the medical field, most surgical procedures still require handwork. Powered surgical tools are therefore being used in a large number of surgical procedures. Our broad portfolio of miniature and micro drive systems, including autoclavable options, perfectly fits every surgical application. Due to our customer-centric approach, we  offer flexible modifications and adaptions ensuring you will get your best drive solution.

It doesn’t matter if surgical hand tools used for smaller procedures such as Ear-Nose-Throat microdebriders and arthroscopic shavers or larger tools such as bone saws, reamers or drills: they all rely on (brushless) micromotors from FAULHABER. Our drives convince with high performance, compact size and – if necessary – high speed, like our 1660…BHx series. It offers minimal vibration and heat, even at high speeds of up to 100.000 rpm, making it a great fit for handheld devices like drills, shavers or debriders. Hygiene, of course, is always top priority in surgery. Therefore, some tools are designed as single-use product. Other high-performance motorized tools are usually repeatedly sterilized in an autoclave and require drives that can withstand the sterilization process. Our 2057… BA is such a solution. It can withstand up to 1.500 autoclave cycles, a very sustainable device choice.

Inserting a needle into a human body, collecting tissue samples, is another medical application, where FAULHABER drives play an essential part. For such a biopsy, a spring generates the energy needed to penetrate and shoot into the tissue. After each injection, a rotary drive and lead screw preloads the spring so that the next potential cancerous tissue can be extracted for further examination. A high power drive working in intermittent operation is required to provide low spring loading time and at the same time high spring force and speed. If the biopsy is done with a battery operated system, the maximum current is often limited, asking for a highly efficient drive. Or, in other words: FAULHABER.

Brushless motor for medical instrument catheter
Highest precision and reliability
Low weight
Extremely long operational lifetimes
Low vibration and low noise
Brushless motor for medical surgical precision
Brushless DC-Motors
Surgical precision

Modern medical technology makes operations safer and allows conventional surgical methods to be replaced with operations which put less strain on patients.

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