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DC-Motors for functional prosthese like myoelectric hand

Exoskeletons & Prosthetics

Prosthetic devices are – in contrast to powered orthotics or exoskeletons – designed to replace a missing body part. Patients are relying on prosthetics as they have lost a limb due to trauma, disease (e.g. diabetes or cancer) or being born without it due to congenital disorders. Powered orthotics or exoskeletons however, are designed to support their users through human augmentation. In both cases, users can always rely on FAULHABER’s extended portfolio as it offers ideal drive solutions for upper and lower limb prosthetics, powered orthotics and exoskeletons.

Tying shoelaces, grabbing a bottle to drink or even doing sports, users of externally powered prostheses want to live their everyday life without wasting thoughts on battery life or performance issues. They also do not want to have other people looking at them because of obtrusive noises made by the bionic aid. They simply expect naturalness, freedom, comfort, safety and reliability. The requirements for externally powered prostheses are high and so are the expectations regarding their drive systems. Our compact, lightweight and precise drive systems are ideally suited for prosthetics. They are available in different diameters, with balanced rotors, different bearing systems as well as flexible modification capabilities to perfectly fit each design.

Drive systems consisting of DC or brushless DC motors, planetary gearheads and encoders with diameters of e.g. just 10mm are part of the standard portfolio at FAULHABER. Highly efficient with high power density and low current consumption they provide extended battery life and a full functionality that users can rely on.

The same applies, of course, to users of healthcare exoskeletons, as they are designed for rehabilitation  or even enable paraplegics to walk again. Such wearable devices assist usually at least one human joint, covering a specific body segment such as the ankle or the hip or even an entire body. Of course, drive systems for these applications require maximum motor power and torque in a compact drive package, like for example provided by our BXT and BP4 series in combination with our high-power planetary gearhead series GPT.

No matter if you are looking for drive system for prosthetics, powered orthotics or exoskeletons: FAULHABER drive systems perfectly fit each design. 

DC-Motors in medical equipment for motorised exoskeleton
Highest precision and reliability
Low weight
Extremely long operational lifetimes
Low vibration and low noise
Medical Prosthetic Foot driving with FAULHABER brushless motor - Header
Brushless DC-Motors
Walking naturally with an artificial foot

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