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Intelligent logistics robots

Autonomously driving and self-contained logistics robots are a critical component of "Intralogistics 4.0". They are used for storage as well as removal and dispatch preparation, optimize material flow and relieve employees. Thanks to their performance and modular design, drive systems from FAULHABER meet the high demands of modern intralogistics.

It is often the case that drives used in intralogistics need to be capable of releasing tremendous forces under extremely confined conditions and also work reliably in continuous or stop-and-go operation. Autonomous picking robots that allow individual objects to be precisely accessed are one example. A drive unit consisting of a brushless DC-servomotor from the FAULHABER BX4 series with integrated motion controller and planetary gearhead ensures precise positioning when storing and retrieving items, and all this in continuous operation with constantly changing loads.

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are the means of choice when it comes to ensuring flexible transport in production processes. With in-house material transport systems, the most important requirements for the used drives are availability, speed, flexibility and oftentimes also low space requirements. The current consumption also plays a role in ensuring that the battery of the vehicles is as long lasting as possible. For example, brushless DC-servomotors of the BP4 series are suitable to drive the wheels, whereby the motor power can be transferred to the wheels directly or via planetary gearheads and drive belts. The motors operate with high efficiency: their innovative winding technology allows for a high copper content and minimizes losses. If there is limited installation space for wheel drives in the axial direction, the high-torque flat motors of the BXT series are often an option. For precise speed control or in the case of high requirements on positioning accuracy, diameter-compliant magnetic encoders or speed controllers are fully integrated into the housed motor variants. The matching metal planetary gearheads of the GPT series too are characterized by a short design, high torque and extremely fine graduations of the numerous reduction ratios.

Smart Logistics in robotics picker robot TORU
Long service life and reliability
Low maintenance requirements
Minimal installation space
Dynamic start/stop operation
FAULHABER motors in logistics robotics market campaign
Brushless DC-Motors
Smart logistics

Microdrives and Motion Controllers from FAULHABER are what make the TORU picker robot from Magazino so versatile. With an eye to the constantly growing sector of online retail, logistics and material flow are coveted playing fields for technical progress – with the goal of increasing efficiency…

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