Camera, Audio & Data

Speed and flexibility are particularly important factors in film recording and everyday TV business. Drive technology for modern camera technology is therefore subject to specific requirements. FAULHABER drive systems convince with their dynamic movement and compact power combined with minimum mass and maximum efficiency.

Application Highlights

Panoramic camera

Modern electronic cameras are opening the door for totally new photographic possibilities, both for photos taken in situ and for post image processing. By combining the high resolution and rapid shot frequency that can be achieved nowadays with a "rotating turntable", so-called panorama shots can easily be compiled. The basis for this, along with a top-quality photographic device, is optimal camera or lens focusing over the swivel range. A compact camera with microdrive motor offers optimal "small-footprint" results in this field.


Camera set up

In the rugged environment of the ocean, making brilliant films is far from easy. To shoot the “OCEANS” documentary, French film company “Galatée Films” therefore required some advances to be made to existing camera technology. The challenge of creating the necessary camera stability to ensure shudder-free images could be shot from a permanently shaky surface was a particularly difficult task for the developers. A gyroscopic mounting platform with several DC-Micromotors proved to be the perfect solution.


Reconnaissance Drones

Clear, unjittered pictures and film shooting best succeed with the use of a tripod. Even if only taking photos whilst moving slowly, the picture may appear unclear. The distortion becomes more extreme if the camera is mounted in a vehicle or even an aeroplane. Photographic devices rely on additional stabilization ­especially in small aeroplanes as they provide little automatic damping due to their low permanent weight. Here, a gimbal-mounted, gyro-stabilized mounting platform is a perfect solution. However, weight is an issue, simply because the mini aeroplane or reconnaissance drone still has to be able to take off. Micromotors with adapted transmissions provide the solution for easy, reliable gyro-stabilization.


LCD displays

IMobility is all the rage. This even applies to pioneering entertainment and information devices, which are currently taking the automotive world by storm. Vehicle owners want to enjoy the same electronic lifestyle gadgets on the road as they do at home. Innovative multimedia products tailor-made for automotive use herald the dawn of a new era in on-board entertainment. ClearLine, a pioneering company based in the southern German town of Wurmberg, has been driving the trend towards in-car entertainment for many years. Committed to excellence, it has established itself as a high-end supplier of premium media solutions for motor vehicles – both in Germany and abroad. Micro-drive technology has played a prominent role in the company’s success.


Camera head inspection devices

Modern civilization cannot do without a working wastewater system. It is important that contaminated water makes its way safely to the sewage treatment plant. As many drainage systems and household pipe connections are now decades old, they often need to be repaired or replaced. Expensive repairs can be precisely planned and restricted to the affected areas by first conducting an underground video inspection. Microdrives facilitate complete mobility of the camera head of such inspection devices, ensuring optimal coverage of all sections of the drain and delivering a pano­ramic view to the camera operator. Compact dimensions are important for all components of the inspection system to ensure even narrow drains and thin pipes are properly checked.


Camera Cranes

Unknowingly, almost everyone has already seen them, at the latest they were featured as "important margin" during the Soccer World Championship broadcasts: Light construction cranes for movie and television filming. Thanks to their viewing height and maneuverability, in the case of soccer and other types of sports broadcasts, they are located behind the goal, or in other exposed locations, and allow ­brilliant images of the on-going events of the game. Such cranes for the guidance of a camera must be quickly assembled, easily controlled, and must also be able to reliably support even heavier cameras with a large (tele-) lens. So-called remote heads, remotely controlled camera supports at the tip of the crane, allow the precise alignment of the recording devices. In order to keep the camera’s load capacity at the long lever arm of the boom as large as possible, all components must be of a very light construction. In this regard, small EC motors ensure movement and compact high performance at low mass.


Live Camera Systems

What is happening right now in Sydney, in Hong Kong, or in New York? What´sthe weather in Helsinki, Venice or Istanbul? The answers are provided by camera systems developed by earth television network and delivered in real-time and live in the form of high-quality television programs.