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Stepper Motors Series AM3248

The multi-pole, two-phase AM3248 stepper motor performs 48 steps per revolution and offers a very high holding torque of 85 mNm. The motor starts with a high speed from the very first step; thanks to its low inertia, it can be used in applications that require very fast acceleration and fast changes of direction. Newly developed large ball bearings further extend the already long service life of this motor type. For its size class, the performance values that it achieves in combination with a 32 GPT gearhead are unrivaled on the market. The motor can also be combined with an IE3 magnetic encoder.

These properties and options make the motor ideally suited for a variety of demanding applications. This includes aligning the solar panels of satellites, for example. The motors move the booms so that the panels are always directly facing the sun. In addition to working precisely and reliably over many years, the motors must also be able to withstand the extreme temperatures in outer space. In the semiconductor industry, very high dynamics and speed are required when positioning the wafers in very confined installation conditions in the machines. This is another application in which the highest level of precision and reliability are essential.

Stepper Motors Series AM3248

"Our new AM3248 model meets all requirements and is ideally suited for high-performance applications of this kind," explains Thomas Würgler of FAULHABER PRECISTEP. The corporate unit specializing in stepper motors is located in the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, known for its watchmaking. "We are able to adapt the product to the requirements of the respective application, even in small production runs. We provide our customers with the entire drive package, including technical advice and support from a single source."


Stepper Motors
Two phase, 48 steps per revolution
Data sheet (PDF)
Key Features
Holding torque at boosted current:
152 mNm
Step angle (full step):
7.5 °
32 mm
42 mm
Series AM3248

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