Modelling & Prototyping

The fundamental requirement placed on models and prototypes is always replication in true-to-scale miniaturisation with the highest possible accuracy with regard to shape, function and technical equipment. As compact drive solutions, FAULHABER drive systems ensure prototypical, precise movements.

Application Highlights

Driveless Racing Cars

Driverless driving is a topic which is currently attracting a great deal of attention from experts and media alike. Driverless racing cars have now competed against each other for the first time in “Formula Student Driverless” in August 2017 in the “Formula Student Germany” competition at the Hockenheimring (Baden-Württemberg). These vehicles were built by teams of students. FAULHABER supported two of these teams: one from Stuttgart and one from Munich. Both teams received important technical components for their vehicles from FAULHABER.

The World in Miniature

FAULHABER in the Miniatur Wunderland
Visit the most diverse regions of the world in just a single day: explore Las Vegas, the Alps or the Norwegian fjords in only a few hours − it is possible in the Miniatur Wunderland. Located directly along the Elbe river in Hamburg's Speicherstadt (traditional warehouse district), it features the largest model railway in the world and is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Germany. Far more than ten million visitors have marvelled at this wonderland in the meantime, which – in an area that is some 1,300 m² large – replicates in miniature sights from Scandinavia to the USA, from quayside to the mountains peaks of our world.

Commercial Vehicle Replicas

True to the original replicas of commercial vehicles not only gladden the heart of any model car collector but also find increasing use as simulation vehicles for high-quality industrial products – provided, that is, they match the form, function and technical specifications of the original as closely as possible.


Spherical Vehicle

Spherical Vehicle with Balancing Drive Module as Mechatronics Demonstrator.
The start of a completely new development can often be a playful instinct. In the area of technology, this means that not every feasible project can be implemented in a useful manner, but it will often create basic knowledge for later applications.


Model steam locomotive

Steam engines and model train sets are classic model-making applications. Whereas previously items were roughly moulded from tin, today fine detail is called for. As well as appearance, the focus is increasingly on realistic handling. Modern electronics allow a large number of locomotives to be controlled digitally with no complex wiring or different power supplies. A microdrive in the model locomotive provides the link between the ­electronics and the mechanisms, enabling delicate shunting operations and interurban journeys with many wagons to be replicated accurately to scale.



Germany - World Champion in Robot Football
As the football stars took to the field at the European Championship in Portugal, their non-human counterparts kicked off at the Robot Football World Championship. Even without the excitement of live broadcasts during peak viewing time, the "players" and teams gave an admirable performance. The robot team with managers from the Computing Faculty of FU Berlin accomplished great things. The players' strong sprinting and running performance was accomplished with batteries and small robust DC-motors.