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The unique Linear Actuator FAULHABER L product family is designed for high performances in compact dimensions, it supports large input speed or high output force. It is well-suited for a wide range of applications like robotics, industrial machines and laboratory equipment. A large number of reduction ratios, uniformly distributed, are available to select the most appropriate configuration to fit various force or speed operating points as required by the application. This new family also grants high flexibility offering different screw sizes and types; moreover a large selection of options are available to match different ambient conditions and make mechanical integration inside applications faster and smoother through various flange and nut configurations.

Additional, the new FAULHABER L family offers a very robust design. It is met by a wide portfolio of combinable motors such as FAULHABER DC motors, 4-pole and 2-pole brushless motors or stepper motors. As always, customer specific modifications are also possible. Some of these meet particular requirements with special ambient conditions, others ease the product integration into the application system or enhance particular performance parameters to fulfil specific needs, like accuracy. 

Product options can refer to the coupler, to the screw or both, for example:

  • screw type and length;
  • nut type and length;
  • ambient conditions like particular temperature range or special environmental conditions as vacuum;
  • different motor cable or terminals orientation when integrating the combination unit inside the application.

Each of the available screw types has its own characteristics that should be taken into account to find the best match with specific needs. The basic difference between ball and lead screws is rolling movement of the ball screw nut, which eliminates the sliding friction typical of lead screws, resulting in a very high efficiency. The smaller FAULHABER L series 06L/08L/10L are equipped with lead screws in two load characteristics. The larger 22L and 32L series are available with lead screws and additionally as ball screw versions in two accuracy options.


High performances
Very robust design
Large and modifiable selection of screw and nut types
Full reduction ratio range
Wide portfolio of combinable motors

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