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Covid vaccination campaign

In an initial survey, approximately 200 employees at the Schönaich location expressed interest in a vaccination directly in the company. These will now be administered in a total of four to six sessions. "FAULHABER is happy to provide the necessary framework conditions," explains Andreas Melzer from the company's pandemic team. In addition to coordinating the schedule, this includes making suitable rooms available to ensure that the company doctor has the necessary conditions for administering the vaccines.

In cooperation with Alamannen pharmacy in Holzgerlingen, a fast and smooth process should be ensured. During the first session on June 22, the first 66 FAULHABER employees can receive their first dose of the vaccine. "We are pleased that our staff are so actively taking up the offer and that we, as a company, can make another contribution towards putting the pandemic behind us," says Melzer.

Since the start of the pandemic, the protection of staff has had top priority for FAULHABER. Among the protective measures are the implementation of distancing and hygiene measures, the permanent availability of OP and FFP2 masks, the establishment of control stations for temperature measurement at the personnel entrances, cost-free testing as well as the consistent use of home offices where this is possible.

The company also plays an important role in the fight against the pandemic with its products: FAULHABER is a system-relevant supplier of drive systems as key components for medical devices in the area of medical and laboratory technology, e.g. ventilators, infrared cameras for body temperature measurement and automated sample analysis or laboratory systems.


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