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Lightweight and manoeuvrable golf trolley

The TiCad Liberty is the most convenient variant of the TiCad titanium family, and captivates with its puristic design and virtually limitless functionality. Regardless of whether the terrain is flat or demanding, the TiCad Liberty accompanies its owner unconditionally. The hand-crafted titanium frame and titanium wheels glide gracefully and charmingly over the golf course. Personal comfort is provided by a drawbar with individual height adjustment and a button or twist-grip control with automatic forward movement. Thanks to the electromagnetic parking brake the TiCad Liberty is extremely stable in all grounds.

Impressive on any terrain

The practical motor brake ensures that the speed remains constant when going downhill, so that the owner can regulate the speed himself on any terrain. Even extra holes are not a problem, at least as far as the equipment is concerned, since the TiCad Liberty guarantees a range of at least 27 holes thanks to the handy lithium battery. Other features are a pivoting joint which ensures that the trolley can be assembled and disassembled in seconds, as well as the impressive packing and storage dimensions of just 68 x 63 x 7 centimetres. The TiCad Liberty therefore fits in almost any car boot.

Made in Germany

TiCad GmbH & Co. KG is based in Altenstadt near Frankfurt in Hessen, and has been hand-crafting golf trolleys since 1989. The company manufactures trolleys made from high-quality titanium, and produces unique models that have impressed customers throughout Europe. TiCad recently started to install FAULHABER motors in all of its motorized trolleys. “FAULHABER is a traditional German company like us that is one of the leading providers in its sector and offers top products ‘Made in Germany’”, says TiCad Managing Director Björn Hillesheim about FAULHABER. “A match made in heaven for us and our own high standard of quality and service.” As far as FAULHABER is concerned, Hillesheim particularly values the quick and reliable cooperation.

32 millimetre diameter

The golf trolleys are driven by powerful DC-micromotors with graphite commutation. With a diameter of 32 millimetres and a length of 72 millimetres, the motors are particularly lightweight and compact. The graphite commutation is extremely robust and ideally suited for dynamic applications with quick start and stop operation, as well as occasional overload conditions such as those that occur during use on the golf course.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable golf trolley
The TiCad titanium family - frame and wheels made of titanium, practical tilting joint for assembly and disassembly in just seconds, a drawbar that can be fit to any body size. All in an extremely reduced, exclusive design.
Lightweight and manoeuvrable golf trolley

Established sales network

TiCad has revolutionised the sector with the invention of the world’s first titanium golf trolley when it started 27 years ago. TiCad currently has more than 50 employees at its headquarters in Altenstadt. With about 370 dealers in Germany and a total of 600 across Europe, TiCad has an extensive and established sales network. All products are sold only in pro-shops and by selected specialized dealers.


No cogging
Smooth position and speed control
High efficiency
Low Noise
High Torque
Low Weight
Very low rotor inertia
Dynamic start-stop operation
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