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"Defko sinter Kft possesses extensive know-how in the design and production of innovative sintered components and offers outstanding support and exchange in matters related to metallurgy and design," says Jochen Hasenmaier, Purchasing Manager at FAULHABER, as he explains the decision behind this year's winner. The company produces not only sintered bearings itself but also the pressing and calibration tools necessary for their production. The company is headquartered in Sopron in northwestern Hungary and is, thus, centrally located with respect to FAULHABER's European locations in Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and Germany.

Photo of the award ceremony "Supplier of the year"

In addition to support from the owner of Defko sinter Kft, Mr. DI Dr. jur. Clemens Kellner – who is happy to play an operative role in the company – FAULHABER can also count on a highly motivated and customer-oriented team at the Sopron location. A wide range of miniature sintered bearings can thereby be produced in a very short time and so flexibly that even new items are possible for specific projects. During ongoing serial orders, FAULHABER also benefits from smooth collaboration with Defko sinter Kft. The manufactured sintered components are used in nearly all standard FAULHABER drives and, thus, in applications across all industries.

The Supplier Award serves to recognize one of approximately 600 FAULHABER suppliers for outstanding performance each year. Incorporated in the evaluation are criteria such as product quality, delivery reliability, technical knowledge, availability and cooperation. In 2022, Defko sinter Kft was the leader in these areas. The award was presented on July 19, 2023, at FAULHABER in Schönaich to DI Dr. jur. Clemens Kellner, the owner of Defko sinter Kft.


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