Environmental policy

In order to preserve the abundance of natural ecosystems for future generations, reducing harmful emissions and careful handling of resources is of utmost importance. Environmental protection is one of the core values of our company and an important constituent of our corporate management. FAULHABER makes an active and important contribution to protecting the environment in an independent and conscientious way.

FAULHABER technology is making a contribution to responsible and sustainable handling of natural resources by developing drive systems with a high degree of efficiency and low energy requirements.

FAULHABER maintains a high standard of environmental consciousness in each aspect of its organization. This transparent commitment to a responsible relationship to the environment is confirmed by our certification according to the ISO 14001 standard. In practice for FAULHABER this means energy efficient production, disciplined recycling, and a commitment to energy efficient infrastructure and facilities worldwide.

The use of environmentally-friendly processes and technologies is combined with the goal of conserving resources such as raw materials, energy and water. We thereby take the necessary measures to avoid harmful environmental impacts caused by our activities and products.

Based on current environmental legislation, customer requirements and other specifications, the goal is to systematically and continuously improve environmental performance. In order to achieve this, we involve our employees. We encourage environmental awareness and motivate them to take responsible actions, even beyond their company activities.

We regularly evaluate the state of environment protection and the environment management system within our company and the technical and organisational procedures and processes in order to identify weaknesses and arrange appropriate preventative or improvement measures. The effects of current and planned company activities on the local environment are regularly monitored and evaluated.

We maintain an open dialogue with interested parties, customers and authorities about environmental questions which relate to our company.

We have identified and listed our binding commitments. These are checked and updated regularly. Adherence to the binding commitments is a matter of course for us.

We appeal to our business partners and production facilities to proceed in accordance with equivalent environmental guidelines and actively promote environmental protection.

The management and all of our employees are committed to the implementation and maintenance of this environmental policy.