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04/14 - 04/16/2015

FAULHABER at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg


Changes in the FAULHABER Distribution Channels for Benelux


Comprising 472 pages, the latest FAULHABER catalogue 2015 includes details of our extensive range of miniature drives and micromotors


MCST 3601 drive electronics for stepper motors


„How to catch a comet?“ is the cover story of our new FAULHABER motion customer magazine

FAULHABER Drive Systems – Global

FAULHABER is a leading supplier in the area of high precision miniature and micro drive systems. FAULHABER offers the most extensive range of miniature and micro drive technologies available from a single source worldwide. From high performance DC Motors, BLDC Motors, to Linear Motors, and Stepper Motors, each drive is designed to achieve maximum performance in minimum dimensions and weight. Matching precision gearheads, encoders, linear components and drive electronics are available to complete the system. more

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Innovation in products and processes and a consistently high level of expertise are the driving force behind the success of FAULHABER in highly demanding fields of application.

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Controlled Moves for precision applications

The new IEH3‐4096 series from FAULHABER is the most compact 3‐channel encoder of its class. The new model delivers two square‐wave signals as well as an additional index channel. It offers a higher resolution, an extended operating temperature range and improved speed control, especially in the low speed range. The encoder increases the length of the motor by just 1.4 mm and can be combined with numerous precious‐metal commutated DC‐micromotors of the FAULHABER SR series measuring 15 to 22 mm in diameter. Since they are used in extremely small machines and assemblies, size is a decisive factor.



FAULHABER provides an international network of experienced application engineers and product representatives in 31 countries to ensure the Group’s high standard of competent applications assistance.


FAULHABER Customer magazine

Please enjoy this edition of FAULHABER motion and the wonderful applications described in these pages. And as you peruse these pages and find one of the largest model displays in the world.

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