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FAULHABER Drive Systems Library in SIMULINK®

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In the transition to Industry 4.0, the simulation of drive systems is becoming more and more important. With a library for the MATLAB SIMULINK® environment, FAULHABER now offers the possibility to simulate the dynamic behavior of a FAULHABER drive system at an early stage of development. This Webinar will present the library in detail. In addition to an overview on the modelling of the different components of a drive system, various examples will demonstrate the functionality and typical use-cases of the library.


  • Modelling of Motors, Sensor systems and Control structures
  • Verification of the models
  • Scope and structure of the library
  • Instructions and documentation
  • Presentation of typical use-cases based on specific simulation models

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FAULHABER photo of Marc Lux
Marc Lux

Systems Engineer
Marc Lux completed his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Pforzheim University, where he subsequently obtained a Master of Science degree in Mechatronic System Development. His Master's thesis also marked his start at FAULHABER. He has been working as a Systems Engineer in the Applied Systems group since April 2022. In addition to motion control support, his tasks also include managing customer projects. "The fascinating thing about my job is the variety and diversity of applications. As the interface between the customer and development, my daily motivation is to provide customers with the best possible support when working with our products."

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