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Best use of Linear Actuators with Drive Systems


Introduction: How can rotary motion be converted into linear motion with the help of a screw? Find out in our upcoming webinar. Our expert will talk about the combination possibilities of stepper motors, DC motors and brushless DC motors with lead and ball screws and focus on the various technologies that characterize the new linear actuator series FAULHABER L. The webinar will also help you in identifying the right linear actuator for your project, whether you have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled or have questions about the selection of a complete drive system.

Language: English


  • Conversion of rotary to linear motion
  • Introduction into lead screws and ball screws
  • Using lead screws with stepper motors
  • FAULHABER L-series: Geared lead screws and ball screws
  • Selection of linear actuators for various applications


FAULHABER photo of Pier Belizaire
Pier Belizaire

Inside Sales Engineer
Pier Belizaire obtained a bachelor of science in electrical engineering with a minor in mathematics. He joined FAULHABER in 2019. As an expert for motion control systems, he is an experienced “speaker” of CANopen on a C1 level.

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