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Improving EMC of controlled electric drives

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When electric motors are used to control a movement power electronics and signal processing are combined in close proximity. Where the efficiency of the motor control is improved by using PWM power stages signal processing or digital communication can be challenging in such an environment. Part of the challenge is the typical high PWM switching frequency used for coreless motors. Power stages and signal processing interfere and filters tend do require even more space than the motor driver. The Webinar will give an overview why and when EMI is happening and which measures need to be taken to enable EMC and thus a robust and compliant operation of a controlled electric drive. Measures to improve EMC even in such a challenging combination will be introduced step by step. Supporting accessories will be presented too.

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FAULHABER photo of Dr. Andreas Wagener
Dr. Ing. Andreas Wagener

Head of System Engineering
Dr. Ing. Andreas Wagener obtained an engineering degree with specialization in electric drives from Erlangen University and earned his PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Ulm University, working on hybrid drive-trains. After a few years at dSPACE, being responsible for automotive system integration HIL test-systems, he joined the FAULHABER’s R&D team in 2007. Dr. Wagener is your expert for MotionControl applications. In his position as group leader of the MotionControl application support firmware architecture, he was responsible for the development of the FAULHABER MC V3.0 generation. “I am able to answer all the technical questions around a FAULHABER MotionControl or SpeedControl system. Due to many years of experience I am also “speaking” CANopen on C1 level.”
Language: German


  • Sources of EMI in controlled electric drives
  • Summary of main challenges when installing motor controllers
  • Development of appropriate counter measures for your plant or device
  • Compromises in small electric drives and how to deal with them?
  • FAULHABER accessories to improve EMC

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