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The success story of FAULHABER starts at the end of the 1940s when a young engineer by the name of Dr. Fritz Faulhaber founds “Feinmechanischen Werkstätten” in Schönaich, Germany. During his previous development work on the revolutionary camera model “Vitessa” for the renowned company Voigtländer, he already had the idea of using an electric motor to transport film. As he couldn’t find a motor small enough and with the necessary efficiency and performance when batteryoperated, Dr. Fritz Faulhaber worked on his own solution in the mid-1950s and, with the ironless, self-supporting, skewwound design, invented an innovative drive technology that would solve not only his camera problem, but also lay the foundation for the future of miniaturization in many application areas worldwide and form the basis for the success of the company in the next 75 years.

What FAULHABER has learned from these exciting past 75 years is how important corporate courage and foresight were and are – not only for FAULHABER, but also for the many customers whose applications would not have been possible without this forward-thinking. What made this success possible are the people who work at FAULHABER around the world. For everyone who works at the Schönaich site, the anniversary was a long-awaited and well-deserved opportunity to celebrate this achievement together.

FAULHABER 75-years anniversary celebration

On Friday, September 9, 2022, the festival area opposite the company headquarters was ready to welcome the guests. At the entrance, they were surprised with a gift bag that not only had the motto “75 Years of Motion” imprinted, but which also invited the guests to put words into action with a jumping rope and a yo-yo. The bag also contained the hot-off-the-press anniversary brochure for those who preferred reading over moving.

“75 Years of Motion” was also the motto of the numerous attractions on the fairground. On bouncy castles, crate climbing, and many other stations, the young and old visitors could put their talent for motion to the test. To supply the energy needed, there were various options to get hydrated or get a bite to eat with a wide range of culinary options available.

The visitors also had the opportunity to watch various artists carry out a bubble performance or perform magic tricks, as well as listening to the band play in the marquee. Many also took the opportunity to get a tour of the premises. Here the employees could proudly present their workplace to their families The visitors could either walk around on their own or get a guided tour.

FAULHABER 75-years anniversary guest
FAULHABER new street sign

A new name for the road that leads to the Schönaich site

Also among the many well-wishers was Ms. Anna Walther, mayor of the municipality of Schönaich. She emphasized the importance of the company for the municipality and the business location of Schönaich, praised FAULHABER for the company's commitment to the location at its roots and, by stating that FAULHABER is one of the first German companies to produce climate-neutrally at the Schönaich location, highlighted the commitment of the company in terms of sustainability.

As a special thank you, together with Managing Director Lutz Braun, she unveiled a street sign with the new name of the street that will lead to the Schönaich site in the future: Faulhaberstraße – a road to the future – because that is what FAULHABER has stood for over 75 years.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the helpers for planning, organizing and carrying out this fantastic event! 

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