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Noise Emission with small Drive Systems


In this webinar, our expert will tell you everything there is to know about vibrations and noise in a drive system, what causes it and how these issues can be addressed. Starting with the basics of vibrations, their mode and resonance path, the webinar will deal with the subjective perception of noise and vibrations. Together, we also discover the main sources of vibration in a drive system, talk about the right tools for measurements and learn how to find the cause of noise based on data acquired by these measurements. And as we promised you everything to know, the webinar won’t end without telling you the best methods to reduce noise.



  • Basics of vibrations
  • Vibration and noise propagation transmission path and resonance
  • Subjective perception
  • Electromagnetically induced vibrations
  • Mechanically induced vibrations
  • Mechanical oscillations
  • Measures of noise and vibration
  • Methods for noise and vibration analysis
  • Noise reduction and optimization for drive system installation


FAULHABER photo of Mario Zecchin
Mario Zecchin

Product Manager
After obtaining a Master in Applied Electronics Engineering from University of Padua, Mario Zecchin worked as development engineer for Micromotori Elettrici Svizzera SA, Stabio, responsible for automotive headlamp actuators, followed by holding a position as scientific mechatronics staff at Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI), collaborating with Swiss industries for innovative projects. Zecchin joined FAULHABER MINIMOTOR SA in 2007 as product manager motion control and since 2013 he works as senior sales engineer.

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