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Accessories Series 6501.00163

Motor Adapter SC » 0824...B, 1028...B IEM3

Transfer of real-time data
Optimal signal power without cable-related interference
Pre-assembled system cables – Fast and easy wiring, error-free connection, innovative and time-saving connection solution for devices
Simple and fast connections with various connection options
Fast data connection between defined devices
Adapters with plug-in or screw connectors
Series 6501.00163
Adapter and cables Series 6501.00163 by FAULHABER
Brushless DC-Motors
0824 ... B Series  by FAULHABER
Series 0824 ... B
2 Pole Technology
1028 ... B Series  by FAULHABER
Series 1028 ... B
2 Pole Technology
Incremental encoder
IEM3-1024 Series  by FAULHABER
Series IEM3-1024
magnetic Encoder, digital outputs, 3 channels, 32 - 1024 lines per revolution
Drive Electronics
Speed Controllers
SC 1801 S Series  by FAULHABER
Series SC 1801 S
2-Quadrant PWM configurable via PC


Technical Information
Accessory Combination
Your Choice
Selected Variant
Series 6501.00163
Motor Adapter SC » 0824...B, 1028...B IEM3

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