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Geared linear actuators


The FAULHABER Linear Actuator L series are designed to provide high performances in compact dimensions, these actuators can support large input speed, high output force and are suited for a wide range of applications like robotics, industrial machines and laboratory equipment.

A large number of reduction ratios, uniformly distributed, are available to select the most appropriate configuration to fit various force or speed operating points as required by the application.

This new family also grants high flexibility offering different screw sizes and types; moreover a large selection of options is available to match different ambient conditions and make mechanical integration inside applications faster and smoother through various flange and nut configurations.

Geared Linear Actuators L series 6L-10L-22L-32L selection
Key Features
Linear Actuators Diameter:
6 ... 32 mm
Continuous axial force, avg.:
3 ... 1920 N
Reduction ratio:
1 ... 1294
High performances
Very robust design
Large and modifiable selection of screw and nut types
Full reduction ratio range
Wide portfolio of combinable motors

Geared Linear Actuators from FAULHABER

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