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With our established and comprehensive knowledge of markets, we can offer you the best and most appropriate products, services, and solutions for your specific needs and requests. Learn more about our innovative market solutions, read the print edition of our company magazine “motion” or obtain additional technical information.

FAULHABER Brochure Medical and Laboratory

Drive Systems for Medical & Laboratory Equipment

From local, office-based analysis systems to fully automated, large-scale laboratories, from functional prostheses to portable medication dosing units and even surgery robots, FAULHABER drive components are the first choice here.

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FAULHABER Brochure Robotics and Factory automation

Drive Systems for Robotics & Automation

The industrial-grade drive components from FAULHABER convince with their high endurance and performance in a robust and compact design. Whether for exact and highly dynamic positioning tasks, conveyor systems or sensitive and low-noise operations in artificial robotic hands.

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FAULHABER Brochure Areospace and Aviation

Drive Systems for Aerospace & Aviation

From small drive systems for aircraft cabin equipment, to specialized micro motion components for optical systems operating in the vast expanse of space, FAULHABER understands the special challenges facing the industry when it comes to small motors and motion control.

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FAULHABER Shortform 2021


In a compact form the document "Drive Systems" provides a quick overview of the entire technologies of the FAULHABER Drive Systems world.

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Additional to the new digital edition of FAULHABER motion – the magazine with drive – we provide you on this page with the print versions of the current issue as well as all previous issues for download.

Issue 02/2022

FAULHABER motion 2022-02
  • Passion in motion – what drives us
  • A minilab in a minisatellite
  • Amazing color variety
  • Trenchless renovation
  • FAULHABER Drive Calculator
  • ...

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Issue 01/2022

FAULHABER motion 2022-01
  • 75 years of motion
  • 20 years of FAULHABER motion
  • Smart farming
  • Fertilizer dosing system
  • Small robots in big telescopes
  • EM compatibility for miniature drives
  • ...

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Issue 02/2021

FAULHABER motion 2021-02
  • New Management Structure
  • Exceptionally high speed and dynamics
  • Intelligent modular system for quick solutions
  • Because every grain of pollen counts
  • Automation takes a lot of finesse
  • ...

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Issue 01/2021

FAULHABER motion 2021-01
  • Home schooling for developers
  • Powerful and extremely miniaturised
  • One of a kind in series
  • An idea to support the world’s backbone
  • The mini series takes a taxi
  • Perfectly paired for Size & Performance
  • ...

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Issue 02/2020

FAULHABER motion 2020-02
  • Delicate touch and integrated referencing
  • A head start saves lives
  • Surfing back to earth
  • LightRevolution – Turning the tables in photography
  • ...

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Issue 01/2020

FAULHABER motion 2020-01
  • High resolution meets overwhelming acceleration
  • Drive Systems, evolved
  • Reliable eye in the electromagnetic storm
  • Ironhand
  • ...

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Issue 02/2019

FAULHABER motion 2019-02
  • Expand your possibilities
  • Filigree powerhouse
  • From a grain of sand to a smartphone
  • Automatic charging of EVs
  • ...

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Issue 01/2019

FAULHABER motion 2019-01
  • Powerful stepper motors
  • Through a storm of ions in the service of medicine
  • High-tech in the starring role
  • GPS for the Milky Way
  • E-motion on the bike
  • ...

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Issue 02/2018

FAULHABER motion 2018-02
  • Top 100
  • Is there seismic activity on the Red Planet?
  • High-tech instead of side effects
  • Little helper in space
  • Perfect choreography
  • ...

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Issue 01/2018

FAULHABER motion 2018-01
  • A Step Ahead for 30 Years
  • Presto fortississimo
  • Beacon lights of the modern age
  • Warmth, quiet and comfort
  • Smart logistics
  • Relaxing chaos
  • ...

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Issue 02/2017

FAULHABER motion 2017-02
  • Microbe research at a depth of 10,000 meters
  • A pump that simplifies life with diabetes
  • Ultra-strong and ultra-light
  • Driverless racing cars and vehicles for the red planet
  • ...

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Issue 01/2017

FAULHABER motion 2017-01
  • Closer to the customer
  • The flyweight that packs a heavyweight punch
  • Sensor screwdriver with a delicate touch
  • Calculate drive systems online quickly and easily
  • ...

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Issue 02/2016

FAULHABER motion 2016-02
  • Puristic design and convenient functionality
  • In-vitro Veritas. High-speed diagnostics, automatically error-free.
  • Miniature laboratory
  • "It's not a trick. It's engineering."
  • ...

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Issue 01/2016

FAULHABER motion 2016-01
  • Zippermast – tape measure meets zip
  • Innovation goes hand in hand
  • Perfect printed images with longterm guarantee
  • Air is life
  • A new roof that does the business
  • ...

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Issue 02/2015

FAULHABER motion 2015-02
  • Testing movements. Innovations move.
  • X-ray optics for minimal radiation dose
  • Chairless chair for people who are on feet all day
  • Broadband seismometers detect nano-movements
  • ...

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Issue 01/2015

FAULHABER motion 2015-01
  • Fascination of movement
  • Smooth operation
  • Light as Air
  • Root canal treatment without stress
  • The enclosure makes it possible
  • Historic milestone in space flight
  • ...

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Issue 02/2014

  • Get a grip on precision
  • How to catch a comet?
  • The world in miniature
  • Bright power pack
  • The flyweight that packs a heavyweight punch
  • ...

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Issue 01/2014

FAULHABER motion 2014-01
  • Evolution of humanoid robotics
  • Support of young researchers in robotics
  • Smooth sailing through the laboratory
  • High-tech instead of medical treatment
  • Small pumps that save lives
  • So small, so powerful
  • ...

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Issue 02/2013

FAULHABER motion 2013-02
  • An almost incredible degree of accuracy
  • Bionic models conquer the 3rd dimension
  • Using wind energy effectively
  • Power and precision. For challenging applications
  • ...

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