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Veléz Sarsfield 201640 Martinez

Buenos Aires

Tel.: +54 (9) 11 5993 8719

Horne Technologies cc

PO Box 536

Betty's Bay, 7141

Tel.: +27 (0)76 563 2084

Building of FAULHABER MINIMOTOR SA, Croglio, Switzerland


Zona Artigianale 8, Madonna del Piano

6980 Croglio

Tel.: +41 (0)91 611 31 00

Building of FAULHABER MICROMO LLC, Wien, Austria


14881 Evergreen Avenue

Clearwater, FL 33762-3008

Tel.: +1 (727) 572 0131

NRC Engineering & Precision Drives Co., Ltd.

17F., No. 890, Jingguo Rd., Luzhu Dist.

Taoyuan City 33858, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel.: +886 (0) 3-316-1838

EDEL Teknoloji Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti

Folkart TowersAdalet Mah.Manas Blv. No:47B/2809

35530 Bayraklı/İzmir

Tel.: + 90 232 215 08 91

Building of FAULHABER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., Singapore

FAULHABER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Blk 67 Ubi Road 1, #06-07 Oxley Bizhub

Singapore 408730

Tel.: +65 6562 8270

Compotech Provider AP

Gustavslundsvägen 145, 4 tr

167 51 Bromma

Tel.: +46 (0) 8 441 58 00


56 (bldg. 32), Shosse Enthusiastov

111123 Moscow

Tel.: +7 495 2214 052

Building of FAULHABER Polska sp. z o.o., Poznan, Poland

FAULHABER Polska sp. z o.o.

Ul. Górki 7

60-204 Poznan

Tel.: +48 61 278 72 53

FAULHABER Malaysia Sdn Bhd

1A-2-01 & 02 · One Precinct · Lengkok Mayang Pasir

11950 Bayan Baru · Penang · Malaysia

Tel.: +60 4 619 2570

Swiss Amiet Co., Ltd.

W-903, SK V1 Center, 11 Dangsan-ro 41-g

Yeongdeungpo-gu,07217, Seoul

Tel.: +82 (0) 2 783 4774

Shinkoh Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Sales Office, Motor Sales Division8F, REID-C OMORI building, 6-20-8

Minami-oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0013

Tel.: +81 (0) 3 6404 1003

Building of FAULHABER Italia S.r.l., Lomazzo, Italy

FAULHABER Italia S.r.l.

Via Cavour 2

22074 Lomazzo CO

Tel.: +39 0236714708

Inteltek Automation JV

S.No. 100/5, Ambegaon

Pune - 411046

Tel.: +91 (0) 20 39392150

Lewenstein Technologies Ltd.

1 Ha'arava St. Givat Shmuel

5400804 Israel

Tel.: +972 3 9780 800

Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd.

Eros House, Calleva Industrial Park, Aldermaston

Reading, RG7 8LN

Tel.: +44 (0) 118 9817 391

Building of FAULHABER France SAS, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France


Parc d’activités du Pas du Lac2, Rue Michaël Faraday

78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux

Tel.: +33 (0) 1 30 80 45 00


Passeig Ferrocarrils Catalans 178

Cornellà de Llobregat 08940 (Barcelona)

Tel.: +34 93 422 70 33


Suokalliontie 9

01740 Vantaa

Tel.: +358 (0) 9 5259 230

Routech s.r.o.

Dr. Milady Horákové 185/66

460 06 Liberec

Tel.: +420 489 202 971

Compower ApS

Marielundvej 29

2730 Herlev

Tel.: +45 (0) 44 92 66 20

Marte Científica e Instrumentação Industrial Ltda

Av Fco Andrade Ribeiro 430

37540-000 Santa Rita do Sapucai, MG

Tel.: +55 (11) 3411 4500

Building of FAULHABER Drive System Technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd.,Taicang, China

FAULHABER Drive System Technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Eastern Block, Incubator Building, No. 6 Beijing Road West

Taicang 215400, Jiangsu Province

Tel.: +86 (0) 512 5337 2626

Building of FAULHABER Benelux B.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands


High Tech Campus 9

5656 AE Eindhoven

Tel.: +31 (0) 40 85155-40

Building of FAULHABER Austria GmbH, Wien, Austria


Modecenterstraße 22/C89

1030 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 7963149-0

ERNTEC Pty. Ltd.

15 Koornang Road

Scoresby, VIC 3179

Tel.: +61 3 9756 4000

Fax: +61 3 9753 4000

Building of Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG, Schönaich, Germany



Faulhaberstraße 1

71101 Schönaich

Tel.: +49 7031 638 0

Fax: +49 7031 638 100

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Brushless Motors for ViscoQuick test device

With many products, viscosity is an important quality feature or is decisive for their workability in the production process. Viscosity measurements are therefore useful in many areas, in goods receiving as well as in quality control, during the optimisation of recipes or even between individual production steps. To ensure that these analyses take as little time as possible and can be completed with only small sample quantities, Brabender developed a new rotational viscometer, the ViscoQuick. Depending on the sample material, the device is able to complete a measurement in approximately 10 minutes. And can do so with just 5 to 15 grammes of sample material (plus approximately 100 to 110 g of solvent).

The viscosity characteristics of a wide range of materials are measured as a function of temperature as well as gelatinisation properties – such as of starch. The integrated heating/cooling function controls the temperatures for various applications. The reusable stainless-steel measuring pot is suitable for both acids and bases.

The measurement system is controlled via the MetaBridge software; the measurements can be directly evaluated and graphically depicted. The software is web-based and networks not only the Brabender devices and their measurement results but also their users. Multiple users can log in simultaneously and conveniently exchange their data – on PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone.

“Located underneath the measuring pot containing the sample is a motor which drives the paddle”, says Oleg Krawez, system architect at Brabender, as he describes the principle function of the new rotational viscometer. “If the viscosity of the sample changes, the torque of the drive also changes while maintaining the same speed. If, for example, starch gelatinises and, thus, the paddle encounters more resistance, the torque increases as well.”

Brushless Motors for ViscoQuick test device
Fast universal measurement device: the ViscoQuick determines the gelatinisation properties of starch, the alpha-amylase activity in flour as well as the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids. (Copyright: Brabender)
Brushless Motors for ViscoQuick test device

Linear speed/torque ratio

To determine the changes, the torque is measured at the second shaft end of the motor. As a result, the motor becomes a virtual sensor, since viscosity can be determined from the torque. The speed-torque curve of the motor must therefore be as linear as possiblfor use in the ViscoQuick, particularly at low speeds. Depending on the analysis task, the speeds are between 0 and 500 revolutions per minute. It was therefore necessary to find the right drive.

“After extensive tests, we decided on the brushless DC-servomotor from the FAULHABER line”, Krawez continues. “The motor of the 4490 … BS series satisfies our requirements in every regard; furthermore, we have already had good experiences with the drive specialists from Schönaich.”


The 2-pole servomotor is a three-phase external rotor motor with wide speed and torque range. The integrated linear Hall sensors enable the required low speeds. Thanks to its ironless design, the motor operates cogging- free, with an absolutely linear relationship between load and speed, current and torque as well as voltage and speed and offers a highly sensitive current/torque behaviour. These motor characteristics are reflected in the measurement results. Viscosities can be determined with an accuracy of up to 0.5 cmg in a measurement range from 0 to 2,500 cmg.

Brushless Motors for ViscoQuick test device
Brushless Motors for ViscoQuick test device

Long-lasting and compact

Other important requirements on the drive were longevity and compact dimensions. After all, the motor needs to function reliably over the entire lifetime of the device as well as be easy to integrate. The brushless servomotor convinced in both regards. Due to the electronic commutation, its service life depends mainly on that of the motor bearings. Here, highly precise pre-loaded ball bearings are used which have proven their reliability in a wide range of application areas.

At the same time, the very compact dimensions of the 282 watt motor – measuring just 44 mm in diameter and 90 mm in length – were a perfect fit in the ViscoQuick’s limited installation space, as the measuring device itself is designed to be very space-saving. “We were, therefore, very happy that FAULHABER also has a suitable, space-saving controller in their product line with the MCBL 3006”, says a pleased Krawez. With its dimensions of 58 mm by 65 mm, the footprint of the controller, which is perfectly matched to the motor, is the size of a credit card; in terms of height, it measures only 27 mm. It communicates with the higher-level control system of the viscometer via an RS232 interface; actuation is also possible via CANopen.

The combination of brushless DC-servomotor and matched controller has proven effective in the Visco- Quick. Brabender also uses the same solution in other measuring instruments, such as in the Amylograph-E, which supplies a reliable and reproducible picture of enzyme activity (alpha-amylase) in flours and grains. Here, too, changes in torque are measured and are automatically recorded in an amylogram.


4490 ... BS

2 Pole Technology

Data sheet (PDF) Product details
Motion Controllers

MCBL 3006 S

V2.5, 4-Quadrant PWM, with RS232 or CAN interface

Data sheet (PDF) Product details

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