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FAULHABER brushless motor for autonomous Robot fish underwater application

The underwater robot "Belle" is the result of intensive research and development by the students of the mechanical engineering project at ETH Zurich. It was developed to overcome the complex challenges of underwater research while increasing the efficiency and precision of data collection. Thanks to its realistic fish shape and its ability to move and swim underwater in a lifelike manner, the robot is ideal for observing marine life and collecting samples in sensitive ecosystems.

"We are proud to present 'Belle' at Swiss Robotics Day 2023. This robot has the potential to revolutionize the way we do underwater research," says Léon Guggenheim, the project leader at ETH. "With its ability to navigate guided by AI and thanks to the powerful and reliable motor from FAULHABER, we can improve research in areas that were previously difficult to access."

One of Belle's most impressive features is its ability to capture isolated e-DNA samples and high-resolution video in real time. These enable scientists to gain important insights into the underwater world - including species identification and environmental monitoring. Belle's AI technology provides the basis for making data-based decisions in marine research.

Brushless motor 3274 … BP4 for autonomous Robot fish application at the ETH zurich

The autonomous underwater robot demonstrates the outstanding engineering skills of ETH Zurich students and at the same time marks a promising step towards groundbreaking research and data-driven insights in the field of marine science. "Belle" is expected to make a positive contribution to underwater research and environmental monitoring in the future.


Brushless DC-Servomotors
3274 ... BP4
4 Pole Technology
Data sheet (PDF)
Key Features
Nominal voltage:
12 ... 48 V
Rated torque up to:
158 mNm
No-load speed up to:
9090 min⁻¹
Stall torque up to:
2660 mNm
32 mm
74 mm
Series 3274 ... BP4
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