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For electronics designers, the challenge is to take the components of the power electronics, μControllers and sensor systems that are housed together in the smallest of spaces in the controlled electric drive, into consideration in terms of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and to find compromises that are acceptable to the market.

The book by Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wagener first provides a fundamental overview of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the currently applicable framework conditions for introducing electric miniature drives to the market. In the next step, the effects, coupling paths and test methods for both the emitted interference of the energy conversion as well as for the interference resistance of the sensor systems are discussed. The sources for the various types of interference caused by a motor controller are stated and linked to the associated effects. On this basis, the EMC measures typically taken are then discussed step by step and the measurement result used to examine their effectiveness.

The publication is targeted at users and supports them in constructing their end device in an EMC-compliant manner with a controlled miniature drive as a component. In addition, electronics designers learn about the necessary basic measures for taking EMC into account during the early stages of developing motor controllers for miniature drives. This can help prevent projects from failing due to (un)considered EMC.


From the contents

  • The challenge of EMC:
    Interference sources in electric drives, frequency components, radio interference suppression for EMC
  • CE certification:
    EU directives for the operation of electric miniature drives and relevant standards
  • Emitted interference of devices:
    Cable-based interference, coupling paths for electromagnetic disturbances, measurement methods and typical measurement results
  • Interference signals in controlled drives:
    Interference characteristics of a DC-DC converter, interference characteristics of a motor controller
  • Limitation of emitted interference:
    Propagation paths, grounding and shielding, cable routing, filters and measurement results
  • Interference resistance of devices:
    Acceptance criteria, effects, measures
  • EMC measures for miniature drives:
    Integrated motor controllers, externally mounted motor controllers, encoders
  • Additional measures for increasing robustness:
    Coding, complementary signals (line drivers), robustness of various interfaces


FAULHABER photo of Dr. Andreas Wagener
Dr. Ing. Andreas Wagener
Head of System Engineering

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