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This year we are celebrating 75 years of FAULHABER and 60 years of our location in Switzerland. But that's not all –  our customer magazine motion is also looking back on 20 years and 40 issues. First released as FAULHABER info at the Hannover Messe trade fair in 2002, the company magazine is now beginning a new chapter: in future, motion will also be available as an online magazine. We look back, while also looking forward to the future. 

First released just in time for the Hannover Messe trade fair in 2002: FAULHABER info – a customer magazine designed to offer more. Professionally researched and created reports on exciting customer projects from all over the world, the presentation of innovative ideas, background information and glimpses beyond the horizon, as well as news and new products from FAULHABER presented in an appealing way – that was what you could expect from info. A total of 21 editions were published in the 11 years from 2002 to 2013. Traditionally, info was released just in time for the big trade fairs, the Hannover Messe in the spring and SPS in the autumn.

Image of motion 20 Years anniversary

Getting under the skin

Innovation thrives on the willingness to make changes and to break new ground. This also applies to our customer magazine FAULHABER info. Now and then, it is simply time for a relaunch that gives a medium a new, fresher look or even a complete rebranding. Since the 02/2013 issue, our customer magazine has therefore been released under the name FAULHABER motion – the magazine with drive – with even more emotive images and a modern design. Exciting reports about the drive technology that we create in collaboration with our customers remain a key feature.

You could say that the first issue of the new motion got under the skin. Under the heading "Technology that gets under your skin," we reported on handy devices that are used for tattoos and permanent make-up, and in which DC-Micromotors from Schönaich are a particularly crucial component due to how smoothly they operate.

An international audience

From the beginning, FAULHABER info was released in German and English, with French added from 2008 and Chinese from 2010. Since then, these languages have been joined by Dutch, Italian and Polish, demonstrating the growing strength of our global presence.

The reports, which are bursting with interesting details and rounded off by high-quality images, go one step further. We can say with full justification that motion is out of this world. After all, we have already reported on the various projects in which FAULHABER drive systems have conquered space, whether as a digital assistant on board the ISS or as part of a Mars mission. In the future, we will continue to present you with an exciting, varied mix of topics that covers both traditional industry applications and brand-new innovations.

When FAULHABER info was first released in 2002, mobile end devices were nowhere near as widespread as they are now, accounting for just 10 percent of data traffic on the internet worldwide. That has now changed completely: more than 55 percent of all page call-ups in 2021 took place via mobile end devices and in 2019, the internet even overtook television as the top medium.

Image of motion goes online

Mobile, modern, multimedia

We are taking this trend into account by relaunching our FAULHABER website in our anniversary year and further optimizing it for display on all end devices. The new website has a modern, contemporary design and the navigation has been overhauled to offer users more opportunities to obtain more in-depth information on selected topics via links. It is still simple to contact us and access the chat function from all pages. The new know-how area offers new, informative content such as how-to videos, application notes, tutorials and our webinar library.

Our calculation and selection tool FAULHABER Drive Calculator is in a more prominent position on the website and can now be accessed on all pages. The powerful comprehensive tool assists with the calculation and design of drive systems comprising motors, gearheads, encoders and other components and helps users to quickly find the appropriate solution for their application. Click "Start Drive Calculator" and see for yourself!

FAULHABER motion is going digital

With the launch of the new website, our popular customer magazine is also being expanded with a digital offering. In future, under the menu item "motion", you will be able to find an online copy of the magazine, which will be regularly supplemented by new, exciting features such as application examples, product news, interviews, technical articles and background information. Using the filter functions, you can adjust the content to suit your interests and thus create a personalized version of motion – helping you keep up to date with the topics that are particularly important to you. The print edition will continue to be released twice a year and combine the most exciting articles in printed form.

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