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Brushless DC-Servomotor in micro sensor screwdriver systems

Hand tools for industry and agriculture

Sportspeople get tennis elbow, but for vintners it is "shears elbow": On a vineyard, there are between 5.000 and 10.000 grapevines per hectare. During the annual pruning, each vine requires about a dozen individual cuts. Using muscle-driven hand shears, tenosynovitis would be more or less guaranteed. Luckily, there are electric shears that, thanks to a FAULHABER motor, are very light and able to cut through thick shoots effortlessly.

Repetitive strain injury, or "RSI" for short, is one of the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Whether cutting vines and fruit trees or stretching straps that are used to secure large packages and pallet loads, a movement repeated thousands of times can have very painful, chronic consequences. By using motorized hand tools, such undue strain can often be avoided. Using motor power also has other advantages: As long as the electricity continues to flow, the motor does not grow tired, unlike the human arm.

Depending on the tool, it is possible to apply a great deal more power and the speed can be much higher, as is the case with the speed of a screwdriver. In this case, the torque can also be a critical factor, for example in the process-safe mounting of extremely small screws, such as those found in mobile phones, smart watches or mechanical wristwatches.

When connected to the appropriate sensors and controller, FAULHABER motors can apply the desired torque with the utmost precision. Devices such as drive units with a brushless motor and planetary gearhead are ideally suited for this purpose. They have a high acceleration capacity for very short cycle times and are characterized by an extremely long service life. High-quality, professional secateurs often feature the particularly light DC-micromotor 2657 CR. Its high efficiency coupled with low energy consumption means that it can operate for ten hours per battery charge, which is more than enough for a full shift.

Brushless DC-Servomotor in micro sensor screwdriver systems
Highest precision and reliability
Low weight
Extremely long operational lifetimes
Low vibration and low noise
Brushless DC-Servomotor in micro sensor screwdriver systems
Brushless DC-Motors
Handtools / Devices
Sensor screwdriver with a delicate touch

Every handyman intuitively knows how to tighten a screw: according to feel. In the hobby room, this is generally sufficient for achieving the correct amount of tightening torque. In industrial production, on the other hand, the demand for secure screw fixing is much greater because the intention is…

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