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FAULHABER DC Motor metrology 3D measurement

3D measurement

The artificial hip joint is intended to last a long time – over 20 years if possible. This will only work if, in the so-called tribological pairing, the ball and socket fit together with micron precision. These two components form the hip joint, which must withstand many millions of movement cycles after implantation. When it comes to the quality control of medical technology, every single part is measured highly precisely in three dimensions. The probe is moved by FAULHABER motors.

When measuring contours in three dimensions, tactile measurement is the most accurate method. The probe, which is called a stylus, usually has a ball-shaped measuring tip. It moves to defined reference points on the test object and the controller detects the contact on the resistor and uses this to determine the measured value. The best devices work with a measuring tolerance of just one micron (1 µ). With this level of precision, properties such as straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity as well as lines and surfaces can be determined.

The stylus can be mounted on the measuring arm in such a way that it is fixed in position or is able to move. It can also measure inside cavities that cannot be accessed by optical systems. Usually, it is positioned by multiple drives. Naturally, the utmost accuracy is required when moving the components. This can be achieved through the interplay of a DC-micromotor with precious metal commutation and a backlash-free gearhead, for example. FAULHABER can provide these from a single source and perfectly tailored to one another.

In this application, it is also important that the device moves smoothly even at low speeds. The interior of the measuring device offers little space; especially in the case of moving styli, very small motors are the only option. They must be able to provide the necessary torque with a minimal volume. In many applications, for example with orthopedic implants, every single part must be measured. This means that the technology must run perfectly in continuous operation and for long periods. Drives from FAULHABER are ideally suited for these strict requirements, for example the motors of the 1524SR or 1516SR series together with appropriate gearheads.

FAULHABER DC Motor metrology 3D measurement
Compact design
Zero backlash
Long service life and reliability

Drive systems for 3D measurement

Powerful rare-earth magnet
Wide operating temperature range: -30 °C to +85 °C (optional to +125 °C)
All-steel housing with corrosion-resistant coating
Spur Gearheads
Available in a wide variety of reduction ratios
Zero backlash versions are available
Available with a variety of shaft bearings including sintered, ceramic, and ball bearings
Spur Gearheads, zero backlash
Zero backlash spur gearheads
All steel construction
Preloaded gearheads
Planetary Gearheads
Available in all plastic or metal versions
Use of high performance plastic and ceramic materials
Available with a variety of shaft bearings including sintered, ceramic, and ball bearings

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